News: Sheek Louch Confirms Diddy-Lox Label Deal, "It's Gonna Be Interscope/Bad Boy" [Video]

Sunday, Dec 6, 2009 10:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

D-Block's Sheek Louch has added on to the speculation of a Diddy-Lox reunion by confirming his group's forthcoming album dropping under Bad Boy Records.

According to Louch, an exact release date has not yet been determined, however, the Bad Boy reunion is still expected.

"I got an answer for that, I really think I got an answer," Sheek said about the forthcoming album. "Yo word up, top of the year, Lox album is coming. I would love for it to come then, we're working actually with Puff, with Sean Combs. We working out that. Puff Daddy, we working that out. We working that out and hopefully it goes down. It's gonna be Interscope/Bad Boy/D-Block. Oh yo, slash Ruff Ryders, I'm sorry, I can't leave my boys out. It's like a big thing because we still Interscope. We still Ruff Ryders. It'll be a nice thing." ("On-Air Idiots")

According to Jadakiss, a new Lox album is well over-due to the fans.

"Our main focus right now is that Lox album," Jada stressed in an interview. "It might be coming out through Diddy, it might be coming out through some other people, but it's going down. Yeah, Diddy just did a new deal with Interscope as y'all know with his Dirty Money and all his other stuff, he put an offer out there for a one album deal over there, so you know, we thinking about making it. If it don't make dollars, it could make cents and we'll do it again. It's about the evolution, it's about growing. We came into the business with him, despite our differences [because] of our lack of knowledge in the game and other sh*t and what so, we still learned a lot from him and to work all them things out and make a full 360 and possibly work again with him after ten years -- that would be incredible. It shows maturity as artists, it shows respect as men and it's good for the outside far as what he can do for us and what we can do for him." (Power 99)

Diddy recently spoke on the chances of bringing The Lox back to Bad Boy.

"I would definitely love to do the next Lox album," Diddy said in an interview. "I would love to collaborate with them. I think it's important just to do...I would look forward to it...We been talking about it. We have to sit down and have a real meeting about it...To be honest, I don't know what the future holds for Bad Boy [and] Interscope. I wanna take it day by day and get acquainted." (MTV)

Despite contractual issues in the past, Sheek Louch previously described how the group's age and experience would now play a role in a business venture with Puff.

"We're grown now," Sheek said in an interview last June. "No man can do anything to me if I don't let it happen. Whatever happens, I have to put blame on myself first before I blame anyone else. And not saying that he's going to do that or anything like that. We're all in a better space now and I want to learn to make that big money and do it real big. So he'll be dealing with us with this album. He wants to put the project out and add his part on to things but we're going to do what we do and deliver that fire. Sh*t, we all come too far not to be able to do what we do." (Hip Hop DX)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

Check out Sheek Louch speaking on Diddy & Bad Boy Records below:

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