News: Scott Storch Speaks On Lil Kim Romance, "I Love Her To This Day"

Thursday, Dec 31, 2009 7:00AM

Written by Rosario Harper

Producer Scott Storch recently spoke on his current relationship with Lil Kim just years after being her rumored boyfriend and possible fiancee.

According to the hitmaker, he sees Kim more as a close friend rather than someone intimate.

"I love her to this day," Storch said in an interview. "She's a wonderful girl. She has had a not-so-easy life. And she's dealt with the same things that the media puts everybody through and I have feelings for her as a person and we dated. We were cool and that's all that was. I consider her a friend and somebody I care about for the rest of my life." (All Hip Hop)

The former couple were publicly spotted together throughout 2005.

Storch hooked up with Kim in 2005 right after she was released from a year long stint in prison. Lil Kim was locked up for conspiracy and perjury for lying to a federal grand jury in connection with a shooting outside a music studio in 2001. Storch, who by 2005 was already a multimillionaire, took Lil Kim, a convicted felon, under his wing and no doubt provided for her. Obviously she was on probation when she was released and couldn't get involved in Storch's bad habits. (Clutch Mag Online)

Kim was linked to a stolen car case with Stoch earlier this year.

The ultra-expensive Bentley actually belonged to record producer Scott Storch, but here's the catch -- dude's lease ran out in 2007 and he never gave the car back to the Florida-based leasing company. Instead he gave the car to Lil' Kim at some point in time. Eventually, the repo company went to Kim's place in New Jersey and took it back. (TMZ)

She made headlines last year when the Bentley was taken from her.

News York's CW11 news channel was tipped off April 2008 that a repo man was about to visit Kim, so they sent a camera crew. When the repo man confronted Kim so he could get the keys to her care Kim said she'd have her accountant take care of the problem. The repo service said the car payments are four months behind, so the car is no longer considered her property. (Hollywood Grind)

Check out a past Lil Kim interview down below:

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