News: Ray J Fights Playboy Image, "I Don't Wanna Be The Brand For Having Sex"

Monday, Dec 7, 2009 5:45PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Singer-turned-reality star Ray J has explained why he turned down a highly-publicized condom endorsement deal in the past.

The R&B singer says  he sees a bigger picture in his life and career.

"I do want to brand Ray J in a positive way," he explained in an interview. "I've been through a little bit of controversy and I don't want to be typecast as a controversial type of person...I decided not to do the condom endorsement or stuff like that because again, I didn't want to be typecast as someone like that's just all about sex. I mean everybody likes having sex and I don't wanna be the brand for having sex. So I turned it down and a few others like it just so I could focus on the right and positive things going on in my career." (Hip Hop DX)

Reports of Ray J's condom deal became widely known around 2007.

The R&B playboy, whose home video footage of a lovemaking session with Los Angeles socialite Kim Kardashian caused a furore lin 2006 when it was leaked to an Internet porn firm says, "I'm doing a little Trojan deal. It's in play right now." The young entrepreneur insists he has no problems with the quirky deal - because it's all just business: "At this moment you can either sit back and watch everything just go, or you can capitalize and come up with a way to make $20 million a year." The Trojan condom deal isn't the only one the enterprising singer is working on. He adds, "I'm sponsoring a new drink that kind of stimulates you, like liquid Ecstasy, but over-the-counter." (The Insider)

50 Cent's long-awaited "Wrap It Up" safe sex condom campaign was reportedly shutdown last month.

"I was looking for the opportunity to create a new safe sex campaign. The Wrap It Up campaign is something that is used so often, it wasn't effective anymore. So I thought this is a great opportunity for me to get involved. But it just didn't work out because I wanted things in it that wouldn't work. I wanted things that would prolong sexual performance. You could just put it on and just go." (San Francisco Gate)

Additional reporting suggest 50 Cent wanted to add chemicals to the condom line.

The voice behind the smash hit 'Candy Shop' wanted to make his own 'cooler' version of a condom to encourage his fans to be safe in the bedroom after the failure of the US wide 'Wrap It Up' campaign. 50 Cent wanted to increase pleasure in the bedroom by creating condoms with chemicals that would boost male performance. But unfortunately for 50, chemicals and latex don't seem to mix! (The Hot Hits)

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