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Wednesday, Dec 9, 2009 4:15PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

In light of the recent Thriller anniversary, SOHH spoke with rappers to get their take on Michael Jackson's history-making album and the performer's lasting legacy.

Playaz Circle's Tity Boi said he has continued to keep Jackson's legacy alive by purchasing new copies of Thriller.

"I just bought another new Thriller CD," Tity told SOHH. "I bought two of 'em, one I could open, one I didn't. I mean, that's just timeless music, like Quincy Jones is a genius for the production on there. Michael Jackson is a genius. Actually, the CD I got on in there is him freestyling to 'Billy Jean' at the end, it's kinda sick and it was like 'Billy Jean' in the booth before he was done with it. It was like somebody joking but it really was him like, 'Turn up the snares' and he was doing something...He was a super star icon." (SOHH)

Dolla Boy said Jackson represented an entire era with his music and trends.

"I feel like Michael Jackson had an effect on everybody growing, who was growing up that didn't want to be like Michael Jackson," Dolla added. "As far as the jacket, as far as the look, like he was really the spokesman for an era. Like coming through the 80's and going through the 90's." (SOHH)

For Lil Scrappy, Jackson's non-stop work ethic inspired him to continue working harder.

"Let me tell you about Michael Jackson, when I was little, I used to dance cuz," Scrappy told SOHH. "Michael Jackson started me off. [laughs] I used to crank it up off of Michael Jackson. But just to look at his history and work ethic, that really enthuses me about Mike. That's how it helped me in my career, just to be like, wow, to even do things up to 50 [years-old]. It's a grind, it's a hustle. It's a grustle, the whole game is a grustle, you feel me? And he let you know, that man had to do that junk since he was a baby and I started when I was like 16, 17. That means I got some time." (SOHH)

Rap veteran Rakim also felt Jackson's Thriller helped represent what an ideal entertainer should consist of.

"I grew up off Mike, man, being a young music lover," Rakim told SOHH. "The Thriller album, man, was like a prototype of what an entertainer is supposed to bring to the table. And we all know Mike was a real -- a big entertainer. So he always did it big. But the way he put it together and the vision that he had and the way he brought it to the videos, to me, it was like a prototype to how an entertainer could really bring a project to the table. Mike had a big impact on my life, you know what I mean? Coming up when I was small, there was no rap, it was just R&B. My family was musically orientated, I love music man and Mike was like, he was a teenager's star. He was a young kid star...The kid's had Michael Jackson. We had the Mike Jackson cartoons, I feel like he [was for] the kids, grown-ups loved his music too but we related to him." (SOHH)

Check out Playaz Circle speaking with SOHH about Michael Jackson below:

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