News: Rakim On Comeback Album Delay, "I Usually Take A Long Time" [Video]

Saturday, Dec 5, 2009 9:30AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

In light of Rakim's The Seventh Seal recently hitting stores after a long delay, SOHH hit up the rap veteran to find out why it took over a decade for his third solo project.

According to Rakim, the delay was in part due to taking on the role of an artist and CEO.

"It's hard to tell because when I came back from Cali, after the Dre situation, I tried to keep working, I just wanted to keep busy," Rakim told SOHH. "I got a little studio in the crib so I stay working. But once I sort of zeroed in on the topic, The Seventh Seal topic, it was probably three years. At the same time, it wasn't just working on the album, I was trying to get my business and everything together. I got my own label, I got the album coming out on my label so you know, trying to wear two hats. An artist and CEO, I usually take a long time with my albums anyway, but, this here took extra time trying to get the business situated." (SOHH)

Rakim's long-awaited solo project also features rap heavyweights Busta Rhymes and Jadakiss.

After months, if not years of Internet speculation and rumor, the man many call The God MC's management and label officially confirm that Rakim Allah will release his long awaited new album The Seventh Seal on November 17, 2009. Guest artists include Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Maino, Tracey Horton, IQ, Styles P and others, including Destiny Griffin, Rakim's daughter. The artist's Ra Records shares the imprint in a joint venture with Tuscan Villa and SMC Recordings and is distributed through Fontana/Universal Music Group. (Press Release)

The rapper's new album debuted on the charts last month.

Rap veteran Rakim's 7th Seal landed onto the charts this week opening at No. 61. With seven days to his name, Rakim's comeback album has sold 11,700 copies. (Sales Wrap)

The renowned emcee previously spoke on his overall reaction to the project's quality.

"The Seventh Seal is my own revelation -- my way of taking the best of what hip-hop has to offer, what we as a culture and a community have to offer, putting my stamp on it and leading us forward while constantly respecting what we've already accomplished," he said in a statement. "When you've been blessed with a career like mine, you develop a deep relationship with the music, and that love is recognized by the true heads that share it with you. You'll see us keep building as we break through each Seal -- showing the best of what I can do in many forms, bringing the energy and having fun, but first I'm laying that foundation and giving my longtime fans the conscious fire they expect." (Statement)

Check out Rakim's SOHH interview below:

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