News: Raekwon Reveals Capone & N.O.R.E. Merger, "They Just Joined The Ice Water Family" [Video]

Thursday, Dec 3, 2009 10:40AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon has revealed that he signed Capone and N.O.R.E. to his record company and promised to make a follow-up "big" announcement next month.

Keeping details to a minimum, the Chef said a merger has taken place with the Queens, New York duo.

"A lot of things been going on," Raekwon explained in a self-made video. "All I can say, all praises. We been working , everything is getting where it need to be, you know what I mean, we got a new element amongst the family right now. Shout-outs to CNN. They just joined the Ice Water family. CNN, that's right, Capone and N.O.R.E. You know what time it is, word up, so we did like a little merge thing. So get ready for that, it's about to jump off. Like I said, we about to make a great big, big announcement, you know what I'm saying? January 1st. Super, super big. Even though that's a big one right there -- for myself, we staying busy, staying working." (Ice Water TV)

N.O.R.E. previously showed his support toward Raekwon by publicly purchasing the rapper's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 album.

"Do I really want to buy [the album]," Nore asked in a self-recorded video. "I believe so. Purchasing, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, that's hip-hop y'all -- this is the time for everybody to come together despite different disputes people have and come together and support real hip-hop. As you can see, I woke up in the morning, it's before nine o'clock and I'm buying the album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. And then I'm going to the store and I'm gonna get another hard copy -- I've never downloaded anything illegally and all y'all that's talking about that Jay-Z album should be ashamed of yourself that you ain't go out there and get it today, that you downloaded that sh*t. I'm buying Hov's album today and filming it and showing proof." (NORE TV)

Nore previously took to his personal blog to share a fear of releasing his upcoming album and to explain the difficulties with finding a suitable record label.

"I sometimes think what's up wit this music business," Nore wrote unmodified. "I'm glad to be able to survive in such a terrible genre!!! I love making music for fans I love seeing someone and they say I love that record, album or mixtape!!! It's the best feeling n the world!!! But the worst feeling in the world is when you make a hit record that you know is a hit and nobody hears it or you drop an album nobody knows it's out!!! There's nothing worst in the world then going through that!!!! I just made the dopeest album of my career!!! And I'm honestly scared to let it out!!! Why now should I due so? I need the belief in a record label that I just don't have right now!!! It's very scary!!! Bare with me as I figure it out!!! I need a change, a reinvention, something I will figure it out!!!! (57th Ave)

Speaking in an interview during his Birthday Bash last September, N-O-R-E broke the news about his feelings toward an album he did not make, S.O.R.E. (Still On The Run Eating), but was featured on.

"Do not buy that album coming out on Tuesday," NORE said in an interview. "F*ck that sh*t! That's not my real album, f*ck that. That's not it, I'll announce it on the Internet or let people know, but that's not it." (SOBE Live)

Check out Raekwon's announcement below:

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