News: R. Kelly Talks "Detox" Leaked Record, "I'm Just Hoping It Come Out & Blow The H*ll Up" [Video]

Tuesday, Dec 1, 2009 10:50AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

R. Kelly has confirmed reports that his leaked collaboration with 50 Cent was created for Dr. Dre's long-awaited Detox album.

According to Kells, he holds a close relationship with the Aftermath Records labelhead.

"Yeah, I'm in with Dre, I always been in with Dre," Kells revealed in an interview with DJ Skee. "So he came to me and wanted me to do that joint, I did it, and I'm just hoping it come out and blow the h*ll up. I just did a joint for Mary J. [Blige], she's in the studio right now and I'm just finna get started doing other joints for people not just Kells. I'm just finna start flying everywhere, I'm just finna start doing everything." (Skee TV)

The song leaked online nearly a year ago and featured 50 Cent.

To say Dr. Dre is far from pleased that his music has been leaked would be an understatement. On Wednesday, a song labeled "Could Have Been You" from the Detox recording sessions appeared on the Internet. The record features R. Kelly, 50 Cent and Dre's upcoming Aftermath artist Bishop Lamont -- each man tells the tale of a girl who they had designs on, but underestimated their ability to make her happy. Eventually, the men move on to bigger and better things. (MTV)

Speaking at an in-store media conference last month, Dre explained why he has to feel "right" about the solo project before dropping it.

"You know what, I'm working hard on it man," Dre promised during an in-store interview. "I'm going and I'm stopping, I'm working with other artists in-between and what have you, but I'm working hard on it and the minute it's done and I feel it right here [in my chest] and it feels right to me, that's when it'll come out. And you know, hopefully at the beginning of the year." (Ms. Drama TV)

Aftermath associate Game recently explained why fans should not worry about its delay.

"Man, I can't even describe [2001]... I would just say it's a classic West Coast album but it was world-renowned and it had an international appeal, like who from where didn't f*ck with that album?," Game asked in an interview. "With 2001 he just went back to do what he do best man and that's just trying to create the sun, moon, stars and Earth in seven days, man. The thing that stands out to me about 2001 is the same thing that stood out to me about Chronic -- Dre is a perfectionist and no matter when he coughs up an album, B, they be exactly what you need. I know it seem like he be taking forever with these albums but if you think about the time that passed between the Chronic and 2001, I think Detox is just about due. So it's not about him just making us wait, it's his format." (XXL Mag)

Check out R. Kelly speaking on Dr. Dre below:

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