News: OutKast's Big Boi Reportedly Sticking W/ Jive Records, "Sir Luscious" Still On Deck

Monday, Dec 7, 2009 3:35PM

Written by Rosario Harper

OutKast's Big Boi has reportedly decided to stick with his current record label, Jive, for the release of his upcoming Sir Luscious Leftfoot album despite initial talks of a Def Jam Records deal.

Although Boi has not spoken on the matter, a rep for him has said he will stay with Jive. recently spoke to Big's publicist, who said the ATLien is still with Jive. Apparently the label now plans to release his long delayed disc, Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty in February 2010. (XXL Mag)

Big Boi recently killed rumors of his new album dropping on Def Jam Records.

"It's not even on Def Jam," Boi explained in an interview. "It's not even on Def Jam. I was in a little situation, the [journalist] jumped in the interview, we was in the midst of talks and then in the midst of that, some more things happened and we in a great situation right now. That'll be announced very soon. The album should be out I think -- in about 12 weeks maybe. So you know, it's coming real soon." (Maurice Garland)

Boi previously said his move to Def Jam was nearly complete in an interview last summer.

"The lawyers just have to finish their lawyering," Big explained, and added that he was happy to be working with LaFace co-founder and current Island Def Jam Chairman and CEO LA Reid again, since "he's been with us since the beginning." As Big put it, "I just gave you the scoop of the century, man." (EyeWeekly)

Boi also promised an announcement would be made regarding his record label situation.

"The status of the solo album is it's coming," Boi said in an interview. "September it'll be here. Gotta new label situation that everybody gonna hear about real soon. I can't give it to you right now, we gotta ink it. It's going down, I think a lot of people are gonna see where we're going with it. Complete that album, working on some other new stuff right now. [Andre 3000] is in Atlanta right now working on his solo record, he cut a couple of records. Then we'll have a new Outkast album...I know y'all been waiting man, it took me like two years to finish it. I'm very satisfied. The label is ecstatic." (DJ Booth)

Check out a recent Big Boi interview below:

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