News: Olivia Sexes Up Post G-Unit Debut, "The Album Is Real Sexy" [Video]

Monday, Dec 21, 2009 5:30PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Former G-Unit member Olivia recently talked about her upcoming album and why tracks like "Take It Off" will showcase a more sexual side of her singing style.

According to the songstress, the album has finished its recording process.

"I got a single called 'Take It Off' and it was actually leaked," Olivia explained in an interview, "which was a good thing so it's been picking up really really good. The album is completely done. The single is basically talking about taking it off, obviously...I keep the studio really really hot so most people who know me know that if you come into the studio with me, you gonna be sweating. So I think that's where [the concept] came from...I'm a very sensual person, so that's usually what I write about and that's where I'm going with it. The album is real sexy but I'm also talking about love, might dabble a little heartbreak, not me of course, stuff like that." (Vlad TV)

She recently spoke on moving past her old label, G-Unit Records.

"It was really just a bunch of politics, 50 and I had the same manager," Olivia explained in an interview. "We always had conflicts with him bringing back information on me or him bringing in information on him. There was no R&B present at the labels; there wasn't any at Violator or at G-Unit. 50 really had to do everything himself. He doesn't know about R&B...I still talk to Banks and Yayo all the time. Sha Money is my big brother. Fif and I haven't spoken. We both tried to reach out to each other and it didn't work out. It's all cool though." (All Hip Hop)

The former KING Magazine covergirl recently said she has been able to return to her R&B roots since cutting ties with the Unit.

"I've been doing movies, y'all, finishing the album, I've been touring overseas, it's been a whole lot that y'all haven't seen me doing but the people who have been following me online checking out where I've been, they know what's up," Olivia said in an interview. "I've been working even though y'all don't think I've been working...When I was on G-Unit, I had to conform to what was on G-Unit, so I couldn't come out with R&B records because I was with a bunch of rappers so now I get to do exactly what I want to do and you get to hear me really sing, but again, for the people that come to my live shows, they see what I do...I'm no longer with G-Unit, I'm back solo." (Power Played)

Olivia emerged over the summer to deny rumors of having sexual relationships with Young Buck and Maino.

"Y'all are in so much trouble with me now," she said jokingly. "That is so it, I'm not your girlfriend anymore, Whoo Kid. I denounce it son. [laughs] I'm not messing with y'all. Y'all done had your Fourth of July parade. What's funny is that I actually was just checking my Twitter page real quick and one of the girls forwarded the message that you sent and said you was looking for me and when I seen the caption that Maino is looking for Olivia, I said 'Ah here Whoo Kid go.' ... Get the h*ll outta here about [me and Buck rumors]. Please. Y'all are the worst yo. I miss y'all retards, yo. Nah come on, get outta here. You know better than that Whoo Kid 'cause you were always with me. Don't act like we weren't in the casino and got ran up on by Buck 'cause he's mad we over there shooting dice and he's holding our phones. [Mase], that's my boy. We reached out and looked out for him." (Radio Planet TV)

No further details on the album name or release date have been announced.

Check out Olivia's interview down below:

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