News: Mya Clears Up Gucci Mane Dating Rumors, "Are You Serious?" [Audio]

Sunday, Dec 13, 2009 11:30AM

Written by Rosario Harper

R&B singer Mya has cleared up past rumors which allege she was romantically involved with incarcerated rapper Gucci Mane.

According to Mya, the two were mistakenly photographed in compromising positions which resulted in their images being spread across the Internet.

"That was a rumor as well that I had to laugh at," Mya told DJ Whoo Kid. "No diss, but the way people turn things around. I'd taken a photo with him at a club and I went to say bye, my manager was present and I went to say by to Gucci and I said something in his ear but I had to get closer because the club music was so loud, they caught me in the wrong pose looking like we had just finished kissing or that we were kissing. The photograph was not big enough for you to see the real deal. And the rumor started that Mya was dating Gucci Mane which is so not true. I did cut four songs with him in Atlanta for his mixtape and upcoming album...They say 'Gucci comes home to Mya fresh outta jail.' Are you serious? You have to expect these things to happen. You have to laugh at it otherwise it really pisses you off." (Radio Planet TV)

The photos were also widely talked about through bloggers.

If you live in the A then you know that rapper Gucci Mane got sprung this weekend -- in more ways than one. Well, guess who was waiting for him with open arms when he got out of the slammer? Mya! Can you believe it? I mean, first The Dream hooking up with Christina Milian, and now Mya and Gucci Mane may be boo'd up? I hear they were inseparable in the VIP at Studio 72 Saturday night in Atlanta. They say Mya and Gucci were so tight you couldn't slide an American Express black card between the two of them. (Sandra Rose)

Currently incarcerated for a parole violation, Gucci recently spoke on accepting the blame for his crime.

"I have accepted full responsibility for my actions and I am ready to deal with what is in front of me right now," wrote Gucci. "Thankfully, my label is still moving forward with my album release so I will have plenty to look forward to when I get out. I am remaining positive and want my fans to know that I am grateful for their loyalty and continued support. I will get through this." (XXL Mag)

The rapper's new album should debut on the charts next week.

Jive/JLG's Chris Brown returns with Graffiti, which is on target for between 95-100k as the next highest newcomer, while Warner Bros. Birmingham, AL, rapper Gucci Mane is right behind him, with a projected total of 85-95k. Virgin/EMI's Thirty Seconds to Mars declare This Is War with a projected total between 65-75k, followed by Mailboat's Jimmy Buffet (60-70k), Priority/EMI's Snoop Dogg (55-65k), E1 Entertainment's BG (40-50k), Blackground/Interscope's Timbaland (35-40k) and Columbia Virginia Beach hip-hop duo Clipse (30-35k). (Hits Daily Double)

Listen to Mya speak on her relationship with Gucci Mane below:

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