News: Michael Jackson To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award At 52nd Grammys

Saturday, Dec 12, 2009 8:00AM

Written by Rosario Harper

Late iconic singer Michael Jackson will reportedly be honored at the upcoming 52nd Grammy Awards celebration next month by receiving a Lifetime Achievement award.

The singer, who passed last June due to medical complications, will join the likes of seven other nominees.

The Recording Academy today (Dec. 11) announced that Michael Jackson is among seven Lifetime Achievement Award honorees for the 52nd annual Grammy Awards on Jan. 30. The King of Pop, whose sudden passing in June shook the music industry and fans worldwide, will receive a posthumous award along with singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen, 1959 Best New Artist Grammy winner Bobby Darin, Delta blues guitarist David "Honeyboy" Edwards, country queen Loretta Lynn, composer Andre Previn and jazz trumpeter Clark Terry. (Billboard)

Jackson will follow the path of other past Lifetime Achievement winners including The Rat Pack's Frank Sinatra.

Over the years, Jackson won 13 Grammys and scored 17 No. 1 singles in the United States, and his 1982 "Thriller" is the highest-selling album of all time. The Recording Academy, the organization behind the Grammys, will honor the lifetime achievement winners at an invitation-only event on January 30, the day before the Grammy Awards are handed out in Los Angeles. Past winners of the lifetime achievement award include Frank Sinatra, Smokey Robinson, B.B. King and Bob Dylan. (ABC News)

SOHH has been speaking to rap stars about the impact of Jackson's work on their lives including No Limit Records founder Master P.

"The thing about Michael Jackson, man, he was the greatest of all-time," P told SOHH. "He had a big impact on my life. I was able to get my record deal because of looking at the deal he had -- he had a 22 percent record deal which was the highest deal at the time. Most people had 7, 8 even 12 percent but that was unheard of...That's how I got my deal and I really have to give my whole career to Michael Jackson, to understand the game. And also a lot of the things he did, he wanted to give back and help the kids...Michael Jackson was a person that always wanted to help people." (SOHH)

For Lil Scrappy, Jackson's non-stop work ethic inspired him to continue working harder.

"Let me tell you about Michael Jackson, when I was little, I used to dance cuz," Scrappy told SOHH. "Michael Jackson started me off. [laughs] I used to crank it up off of Michael Jackson. But just to look at his history and work ethic, that really enthuses me about Mike. That's how it helped me in my career, just to be like, wow, to even do things up to 50 [years-old]. It's a grind, it's a hustle. It's a grustle, the whole game is a grustle, you feel me? And he let you know, that man had to do that junk since he was a baby and I started when I was like 16, 17. That means I got some time." (SOHH)

Winners in all categories of the 52nd annual event will be announced at a televised awards ceremony on Jan 31.

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