News: Maino Tees Off On Tiger Woods' Marital Flaws, Drops "Get 'Em Tiger" [Audio]

Tuesday, Dec 22, 2009 6:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

New York rapper Maino has become the latest artist to weigh in on Tiger Woods' publicized affairs with the release of his new song, "Get Em Tiger."

According to the Brooklyn, New York-bred emcee, the track uses Woods as a metaphor and was not a means for him to bash the famed golfer.

"Whether a person is in his limelight or a person is just a regular dude sometimes we fall victim," Maino told radio personality Angela Yee. "We may have a wifey at home and then we fall victim to other women. I like women and I'm sure a lot of other men like women. They crucifying him for having extra marital affairs but I don't think he did anything different than what most normal win do...I'm trying to change, I'm working on it...This has been going on since the beginning of time. Men cheat, women cheat, like, he just got caught, you just not supposed to get caught. There's women doing it...I wasn't sure how people was gonna take it, that's why I sent it to you. I don't want people to think it's a song about him, it's a song about me. He's just a metaphor..." (Sirius Radio)

The track plays out as Maino speaks on his addiction to wanting women despite his marital status.

"I got women in the 'burbs, women in the hood," Maino raps. "Yeah my wifey mad 'cause she knows I'm no good/I'm just a dog, I'd be faithful if I could/But I'm Tiger Woods, yep, I'm Tiger Woods...I need help because I know I got a problem, every bad b*tch I come across, I think I want them/Look at how I roll when I see 'em/Then I'm on 'em, cup full of liquor, pocket full of condoms..." ("Get 'Em Tiger")

50 Cent recently shared his reaction to learning about Woods' situation.

"He just picked the wrong girls I guess," Fif told radio personality Tim Westwood. "[Relationships,] that's wrong too. But he might have trust issues. So I mean, if you have trust issues and you see so many people there, like, you develop a comfort with that person. And even though you don't have a relatonship with 'em, you still wanna be around a selective party. You can tell he was just never under those types of circumstances, because he didn't know better than to not do that. Like even the apology before we found out what was going on. He's like, 'This is obviously my fault,' before we can figure out what he did. [laughs]" (Tim Westwood TV)

The controversy has also caught the attention of Game.

"see, told y'all Tiger was hood.," Game wrote Wednesday (December 2) on Twitter. "Funny how Tiger do a lil cheatin on his wife & it's a BIG deal but Hugh Hefner can cheat on his wife on a reality show ere'day & its nuthin. aint playin the race card, #imjustsayin. we've seen the media "USE" us then "ABUSE" us over & over again. 1st they love Michael [Jackson] then they scrutinize em to his grave. now TIGER ?!?! Oprah, you ALL WE GOT NOW. don't F#$@ UP !!! Tiger should've cheated wit 1 of dem chicks off Ray J show. they would've held it down for u my n*gga, I can call Tiger my n*gga now right ?" (Game's Twitter)

Listen to Maino's Tiger Woods record below:

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