News: Lupe Fiasco's Unreleased Music Stolen, "Actions Are Being Taken & Authorities Have Been Notified"

Friday, Dec 25, 2009 8:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco has taken legal action against the persons responsible for leaking his previously unreleased song, "I'm Beaming."

Writing through his blog, Lupe expressed the seriousness behind stolen music.

"The track 'I'm Beaming' that was leaked last night was NOT authorized or intentionally leaked by myself or my company," he wrote Christmas Eve. "Plain and simple its STOLEN property. And this goes for ANY record or track that leaks or is made available for illegal download from this day forward. Actions are being taken and the authorities have been notified. As a personal plea to all my fans PLEASE DO NOT share, stream, or download any unauthorized or stolen Lupe Fiasco music. A lot of time and energy goes into the creation of this music, not to mention large sums of money, money provided by my record company as well as from my own personal finances...With the history that surrounds the devastating and massive piracy of my first album i'm sure some of you can understand why this very harsh stance that is being taken up. And for those of you unsympathetic enough not to understand i can only compare it to someone breaking into your house and stealing everything not tied down or someone kidnapping you sister or brother and ransoming them back to you." (Lupe Fiasco Blog)

Earlier in the year, Lupe also took to his blog when his "Shining Down" record leaked online.

"I DON'T LEAK MY OWN RECORD!!!!," he wrote in all caps. "I'M NOT A FAN OF LEAKING RECORDS OR OF DOWNLOADING!!!! My entire first album leaked and possibly cost me from going platinum my first time out as the final estimates of how many people actually downloaded that album illegally was well over half a million...Someone hacked my email. I was about to fire my entire staff and cut off relationships over shining down leaking last night. Bun B hit me and was like 'the records dope' and i was like 'what record?' nobody even has it. the only possible explanation is my email chain with the mix studio (which is air tight...the studio that is) was hacked and thats where the record came from. Lastly, the album is f*cking ridiculous. I dont like to brag or sh*t like that but the album is sooo f*cking crazy at this point 95% done." (Lupe Fiasco's Blog)

Kanye West previously expressed his frustration over an online leak of his Rihanna-assisted music video "Paranoid."

"It hurts me to see the old and very wrong version of the paranoid video get leaked all over the net while I was on an 11-hour flight and couldn't do anything about it," Ye wrote unmodified. "It's just frustrating when this stuff happens because I really care about the product and since videos never get played any way you might as well tweak them and make them as special as possible. The version that got leaked from the camera phone last week is at least a little closer to the final product. Thank-you everybody for your support but that video was not up to my standards." (Kanye West's Blog)

Lil Scrappy recently spoke with SOHH about how to battle album leaks.

"You make a lot of music," Scrappy told SOHH, "when you making albums, I think you should do two albums. You should make the same amount of songs on both the first time you hit it hard, bam, then you gotta prepare yourself. Like, it's digital right now so sh*t can happen, get drunk in the car playing CDs and your man got d*mn press the button and be like 'Yo [everybody,] I got that new Scrap.' [laughs] If he's smart, he'll go bootleg it and if it's hot, you gonna bootleg it so my best thang to tell a n*gga is to make two albums, you know what I'm saying? And we do this anyway, so it ain't hard, you feel me?" (SOHH)

Check out Lil Scrappy speaking with SOHH about album leaks below:

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