News: Lupe Fiasco Fires Back At Former XXL Magazine Editor-In-Chief, "N*ggas Do Fake Sh*t All The Time"

Monday, Dec 28, 2009 12:45PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco has fired shots at Elliot Wilson the former XXL Magazine Editor-In-Chief who questioned his relevance in a recent column.

Writing on his blog, Lupe dished out his issues with Wilson's posting.

"Hmmm...I mean he has all the pertinent and professional information i.e. Ego v.s. Catalouge argument, not as good as Kanye, Joe Budden-esque derived fanbase, lack of classics etc, as well as all the right in the world not to post me up on his site," Lupe wrote Sunday (December 27). "So why take the hypocritical stance of continuing to promote something that you thoroughly and strongly disagree with both personally and professionally? Greed maybe? I mean my name brings traffic to sites...Or what about just plain old honest phoniness, fakery & falsehood?...I mean thats what RUNS our industry...a lil money here and a lot of phoniness over there...and how many times have I been in XXL under your reign? or how many posts have I had on RAPRADAR.COM since then?...hmmm...somebody somewhere is faking the funk...but hey thats how its is from the STREETS to the BOARDROOM...n*ggaz do fake sh*t all the time to get things done but n*ggaz dont ever NEVER wanna be called out as fakes or when they are on their phoney behavior especially when KEEPING IT REAL or REALNESS is the status quo..." (Lupe Fiasco Blog)

In Wilson's "YN Blackout" column, the renowned writer shared his feelings on Lupe's rap presence.

"I don't know," he writes. "Never liked this guy. Not a fan. Ego doesn't match the catalogue. At least Kanye made classics in the '00s. Behind the boards and on the mic. This Chi-town fellow's Joe Budden-like Internets hype irks me. I just don't get it. I rather listen to an old Tribe CD. Ha. Anyways, dude will stay present on the RR site next year because that's what you young bucks want. As for me, the OG, I'll pass. Kiss my a**, if you don't like it. Happy Holidays!" (Rap Radar)

Wilson is known for voicing his opinion in the column, most notably when LL Cool J did not receive a chance to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next spring.

"F*ck the stats. I can't believe the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame chose to not induct him," he wrote on his website. "Last year, you put [Run-DMC] in and now you front on LL? The man who designed the blueprint of what a solo hip-hop star could be. This is beyond my comprehension. Disrespectful. So so so disrespectful. This is his first year of eligibility so I'm sure this will be rectified soon but still the moment's ruined. If I was Todd, I'd tell 'em to kiss my black a**. You only get a first time to do the right thing." (Rap Radar)

Lupe is most known for entering the rap game around 2006 with close ties to Jay-Z and Kanye West.

Thanks in part to the vocal support of Jay-Z, L.A. Reid signed Fiasco as a solo artist to Arista, but before anything of significance was able to happen (only a promo single and a couple guest appearances were set up), Reid was fired, leaving the MC without a label. Fiasco eventually landed at Atlantic. Preceded by the single "Kick, Push," as well as several mixtapes and an appearance on Kanye West's "Touch the Sky," the album Food & Liquor was set to surface during early 2006, though an unfinished version leaked during the spring, pushing its official release back to September instead. The album earned Fiasco three Grammy nominations. A highly conceptualized follow-up, The Cool, was released in December 2007. (All Music)

Check out a recent Lupe Fiasco video below:

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