News: LoLa Monroe Kills Nicki Minaj Comparisons, "She's Never Been Set To Have Her Own Style"

Friday, Dec 4, 2009 5:00PM

Written by Biz Jones

Female rap newcomer LoLa Monroe has shot down recent comparisons between her and  Lil Wayne protege Nicki Minaj.

The model-turned-rapper admits  that her sound is influenced by Lil Wayne.

"I don't do the Barbie thing -- that's her thing," LoLa said in an intervew. "I really don't agree with it, that's basic. It doesn't make sense to me because first off, you're basically saying I'm jacking somebody who has never been known to have their style all throughout their career. She's never been set to have her own style. It's always been set to say she's jacking Lil' Kim to Foxy [Brown] and now Lil Wayne. So how can I be jacking somebody or using somebody's style if they never been known to have their own style. That part never made sense. That's one. Another thing, it kind of comes from Wayne is in the foundation of my music and what I've listened to him for years and years. So you can hear his styles in my music. And you know, that's her mentor and that's somebody whom she's under and so she's known to sound like Wayne. That's all they say about her now. I believe the similarities may have come from that but besides that, I have my own style, I have my own lane. She does what she does, ya feel me?" (All Hip Hop)

LoLa recently explained why she is often compared to Minaj despite having a different style of music than her.

"She does her own thing and I'm in my own lane, also," LoLa said in an interview earlier this year. "Our music is different, we talk about two different things. So I think it's just the fact that it's us in the game -- it's just a few female rappers in the game right now that are really out there with their music so that plays a major part in the comparison." (Real Talk NY)

Speaking with DJ Whoo Kid last July, Nicki explained why female emcees should stick together rather than trade diss records with one another.

"They're trying," Nicki said about the lack of female rap presence. "Could you give us a freaking break? I support all of the girls. Anybody doing something, I support you girls. And I think sometimes the girls think I don't support them or I don't want to see them succeed. Even when they say slick sh*t about Nicki Minaj, I'm still thinking, I wish you well. Because this is a movement, it's bigger than Nicki Minaj. It's just a movement and I want to be a part of something big. Pause." (Radio Planet TV)

Southern rapper Trina previously spoke on the female side of hip-hop and co-signed Nicki's placement in rap.

"One of my favorite records of all time is Lil' Kim's 'Ladies' Night,'" Trina said in an interview earlier this year. "Mostly every female that was in the game was in that video. I think that's what we are missing. That unity. But the great thing is there are other girls coming up like Nicki Minaj. We have to show that women are relevant in hip-hop. We have a voice. We do have things to say. But more importantly women need other women to make them feel strong. I come from a family of all women, so that's the strength that I get." (VIBE)

Check out LoLa Monroe speaking on Nicki Minaj below:

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