News: Lloyd On Maintaining A Post-Murder Inc. Buzz, "It's Not Hard, You Just Gotta Work" [Video]

Thursday, Dec 24, 2009 11:25AM

Written by Rosario Harper

Former Murder Inc. artist Lloyd recently spoke on maintaining his relevancy since parting ways with Irv Gotti earlier this year.

Lloyd said his recent collaborations with Lil Wayne and Drake have helped him keep his name relevant.

"I mean, it's not hard, you just gotta work," Lloyd explained in an interview. "The way I stay relevant is to make more music. There's so many different avenues to get music out now that it's pretty rare for you to make a song and not be heard one way or another and by working with other artists, that plays a big part. So when I'm not on the scene or I'm going through label problems and you give me a Drake mixtape, it kinda reminds you of who I am." (Rolling Out TV)

Earlier this year, the Southern-based singer spoke on parting ways with Gotti.

"I've made a lot of changes," Lloyd said in an interview. "I'm happy than I've ever been. I'm happy to say I worked out my own release and I am very optimistic about the future. Ever since I was signed, I was dedicated to trying to make good music, something that's worth hearing. And just trying to work with this rubble that I was given and build something out of it -- being the current state of the label when I first arrived. I didn't really have too much to work with...The label itself had no distribution. I was forced to record my own music with my own money with my own friends, while I was still under contract. All I had was me and my management and my friends in Atlanta...It wasn't so much person as it was business. I've learned to separate the two and sometimes in this business there is no friendship, no bottom line. The sad thing is a lot of young guys come into the game very early without knowledge or without a guidance in their lives and they fall victim to the glitz and the glam. I always try to look past that and keep my eyes on the prize which was becoming a great artist and really making music history one way or another." (Lloyd Music TV)

Last June, Irv responded to accusations made by Lloyd about his role on The Inc.

"He is still signed with Murder Inc. and I will make a decision shortly on what I am gonna do with him," Gotti wrote in a statement. "His last record didn't sell well at all. And, once again, he had his CREATIVE freedom to do whatever he wanted to do. But for some reason the people did not respond to the album or to him. But I will decide what I wanna do! As always when it comes to me, it's Murder For Life! And anyone who doesn't wanna be apart of that, I will take into consideration." (Statement)

Aside from The Inc., Lloyd spoke on his relationship with Young Money.

"Ah man. That's easy. I'm just a good friend to Wayne and Baby," Lloyd revealed in an interview. "I respect them. I respect their grind. I respect their minds. So they brought me in to be designating; to be the [designated hitter]. They wanted a hit and they brought me in. We came up with something that was dope in 'Bed Rock.' We'll be performing it for the first few times coming up. We're just doing us. It's good to be around a crew of talented young brothers." (Honey Mag)

Check out Lloyd's interview down below:

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