News: Lloyd Banks Reveals New Album Release Date, "I Bust My A** More Than The Average Artist" [Video]

Thursday, Dec 24, 2009 10:00AM

Written by Rosario Harper

G-Unit's Lloyd Banks has announced his long-awaited third solo project and Rotten Apple follow-up will be out by next summer.

Although he did not offer information on the project's title, he did say fans should expect to see it hit stores in June 2010.

"For y'all that don't know," Banks told a screaming crowd at New York's BB Kings this week, "y'all can expect my next album second quarter of next year. That's June, in here for the summer time. So y'all out there following my mixtape sh*t, for y'all that been following my mixtape sh*t -- my fifth mixtape of the year, V5, will be out [December] 28th. That's five mixtapes, that's really albums. I bust my a** more than the average artist this year. Y'all better take your a** out to the store. " (Real Talk NY)

50 Cent recently talked about the buzz behind Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

"Just the presentation. Just the project, to put an album out," 50 said about re-igniting his camp's buzz. "When you say... Really, how do you fall out of the public eye? Because you don't have any material that's being marketed and promoted. See, they didn't lose their base we initially created, G-Unit; when we go touring, you see the three of us consistently. It's just the relaunch, and to reestablish those albums that don't have no holes in them. We have to work on those projects as hard as we work on the 50 Cent project. Well, no [they're not on Interscope]. And it's a blessing that it's not still yet, because the building has changed. Interscope is a system that's in a different space. A lot of companies are in different spaces, they got rid of 60-percent of their staffs. So you don't know exactly what all those things are. But we'll put their projects together and find a way to put them out." (XXL Magazine)

Searching for a new record deal, Banks recently weighed in on the issues he had with the company responsible for his first two solo projects.

"I was ready to make a move," Banks said about leaving the powerhouse label. "I'm a brand-new engine. If anything, it's their loss. It's been a dark shadow cast upon that. That's why you hear [Funkmaster] Flex on the radio [boycotting Interscope], because it's an aura created around that machine, and the artists automatically get smacked in the head...I felt it's time for me to go somewhere where it's not biased and I get a fair shot. There's a lot of stuff on the table right now. You don't wanna speak about it until it gets ironed out all the way...Everything happened for a reason. I feel like I'm so blessed because of my work ethic and how easy the music is coming to me. It feels so good to be an independent artist with a brand. I have direct deals with iTunes and things of that nature, where it's direct money coming to me. It's 50 percent of me that's not pressed to be on a major." (MTV)

His last two solo projects landed within Billboard's Top 5 in their opening weeks.

In 2004, Banks' debut disc, The Hunger For More, opened at No. 1 on Billboard's albums sales chart, with week-one sales around 433,000 scanned discs and it ended up spending a second-straight week atop its competition, selling close to 164,000 units. In 2006, his sophomore album Rotten Apple, with first-week sales totaling close to 143,000, fell more than 40,000 albums short of a chart-topping repeat and settled instead for the chart's No. 3 position. (Billboard)

Check out Lloyd Banks speaking on his new album below:

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