News: Lil Wayne Not Packing Heavy Metal, Young Money Rep Denies Shotgun Reports

Saturday, Dec 19, 2009 11:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Young Money representative Karen Civil has spoken out against reports showing Lil Wayne allegedly holding a shotgun while on tour earlier this year.

According to Civil, the image is merely an attempt to draw speculation from readers.

"Please don't believe the TMZ hype.. ..Lil' Wayne would NOT carry a shot gun on tour, especially to showcase it around his younger fans. Young Money members play a game of pellet gun war, I even got in on the fun, as you can see in the picture above with YM President Mack Maine, I also own one. Seriously, people need to stop trying to hard so find fault in everything Wayne does. Why is it that no large media outlets picked up on the fact that Young Money/Cash Money gave out over 10,000 Turkeys to families in New Orleans for the Thanksgiving Holiday? Yeah Exactly.." (Karen Civil)

The photo showed Wayne holding a large weapon.

In the photo -- taken on July 27, 2009 in Pennsylvania -- Wayne's finger is on the trigger of the weapon while several people crowd around him in the front of his tour bus. Three months after this photo was taken, Wayne pled guilty to a weapons charge stemming from a separate gun-related incident in New York. He'll begin a one year jail sentence for that crime starting in February. (TMZ)

Young Money's Drake previously discussed the fun value of using pellet guns while on tour.

"Apparently, the pellet gun war started in Miami. Wayne was shooting up the artists, and then the artists went and bought pellet guns. Then Wayne bought out a whole store, literally. He went to a sporting goods store and told them make sure no one else can buy any guns or ammo and bought everything. So we had to go a different city just to get some. It's one of those things that will go on until someone gets really hurt." (Complex)

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