News: Lil Scrappy Breaks Silence On Diamond Romance, "We Fittin' To Do A Mr. & Mrs. Smith"

Friday, Dec 18, 2009 5:32PM

Written by Biz Jones

Lil Scrappy has broken his silence on an alleged romantic relationship with Crime Mob's Diamond and said fans could expect to see them working together on records.

While not being specific, Scrappy did compare themselves to 2005's Mr. & Mrs. Smith film.

"That's my best friend, man; I don't have no real friends like that," he revealed in an interview. "[She's] the only one I can talk to before I go to sleep. We don't tell people much about this joint because it's private. We have problems here and there... 'Cause too many men's be looking at her and too many woman's be looking at me and that's a problem. [Laughs] ...We fittin' to do a Mr. and Mrs. Smith package, with a mixtape coming out first then an album. A DVD might come out with the album." (XXL Mag)

Rumors of the two being romantically involved took light last year.

Rappers Scrappy and Diamond are engaged to be married! Word is Scrappy surprised Diamond recently with a marriage proposal and Diamond happily accepted. The couple were spotted backstage at the 2008 BET Hip Hop Awards all hugged up and beaming from ear to ear. Diamond sported a diamond encrusted engagement ring which she flashed proudly. (Sandra Rose)

Aside from a personal relationship, Scrappy said he had Diamond on board for his Grustle album.

"Yeah, I'm done with it! I'm 100 percent done with it," he said last summer. "I got Gucci Mane on the album, Diamond, Luda, Trey Songz, Pleasure P and Maino. Luda is on the first single, called 'Addicted to Money,' produced by The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. It's called The Grustle -- grind and hustle! I been grinding and hustling the whole time." (VIBE)

Scrappy previously hit up SOHH to speak on record labelmates beefing with one another.

"You can't," Scrappy said about avoiding inner label beefs. "Everybody got their own ego, everybody got their own manhood, everybody got their own. Even, some people don't know they're haters and they end up hating the other dude, you feel me? For no reason, hating them because he got so much swag. Or he's hating because he's doing better than the last dude so there's always gonna be haters everywhere you go, even on the label. If there's haters in church then there's gonna be haters on the label, there's gonna be haters in the courtroom, there's gonna be haters on the label. There's haters everywhere, you got people that's putting out your music that hate you, so sh*t, that's hard...If you a real gangsta, cuz, you tell the n*gga to go meet you somewhere. Whatever we gonna do, let's do it and be done with it. If you 'not' gonna do it, then make that joint big. Get some money off of it 'cause when you going against each other, you really don't make no money, 'cause his fans don't like you and the other dude, his fans don't like you. So they would have bought [your merchandise] if y'all weren't even beefing." (SOHH)

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