News: Lil Cease Hints At New TV Gig, "I'm Working On A Fitness Show"

Tuesday, Dec 22, 2009 10:20AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Bad Boy associate Lil Cease has hinted at being in the process of putting together a possible fitness television program with VH1.

While keeping details to a minimum, Cease said a meeting has already taken place.

"I about to have some chocolate cake!! Munchiessssssss!!! Oh yea,had a meetin wit vh1 was great!!! #Hardbody...@CandiceNicolePR hey super duper..what's going on..I'm good,just grindin,got some good sh*t for the new yrs,what u been up too?," Cease wrote Tuesday (December 22) morning. "@wtfrain lmao..nah,I'm workin on a fitness show..imma leave that to flav and ray!! I'm good!! @wtfrain lmao..exactly..and after the seein them last one's on ray j sh*t,I'll def think twice..them broads was wack!! Lol." (Lil Cease's Twitter)

Fabolous recently said he had a show in the works.

"I'm working on this reality show, with me and my son," Fab confirmed in an interview with interviewer Nesha. "It's gonna be like, about young fatherhood where, well, not too young, but in the same token as being my first child and he's so young and me still being relevant in hip-hop. You know, having to balance my career being a father at the same time. And then me actually not knowing much about parenting. The struggling in there should be fun, having some funny points, I have some drama, I have a lot of ups and downs, it should be a good reality show. It's not crazy, I'm not searching for love on that Ray J sh*t." (Society & Style)

The rapper recently said he wanted to make sure there was no romantic theme attached to his show.

"Been shooting 4 a reality show 4 the last 2 days... I know..But no Ray J, Flavor Flav 4 love sh*t," he wrote Monday (September 28) afternoon. "Won't b nicknaming no chicks! I'm a new father, my son is 20 months and I'm still learning this father gig as I go.. So I'm tryin 2 balance that and being 'Fabolous'.. The show is based on da crazy, spontaneous, busy, traveling life of a entertainer & da loving, complicated, genuine journey of a new father. And somehow since the producers & backers of the show found out I'm a trending topic startin lunatic on twitter.. Twitter & my twiggas r in!" (Fabolous' Twitter)

Fellow Brooklyn, New York-based emcee Maino previously spoke about a possible reality show he has under wraps.

"It's 90 percent solidified," he said in an interview with radio personality Angela Yee. "This is why I haven't really spoke on it because it's not etched in stone yet. But there's something reality-based and around MTV 'ish. It's about a white dude, he doesn't come from my culture. He doesn't understand the rap game, he doesn't understand what it means to be a rapper everyday. He lives with me and tries to like, understand what goes on in our world...Nothing I do is scripted. So if you see smack somebody then maybe it's really going down." (Shade 45 Lip Service)

Check out the trailer for Lil Cease's Hardbody fitness DVD below:

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