News: Kid Cudi Reveals Initial Lady Gaga Tour Doubts, "I Wanted To Take A Lot Of Time Off"

Tuesday, Dec 1, 2009 11:15AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Kid Cudi recently discussed his initial resistance to link with Lady Gaga for her Monster's Ball Tour and explained why their pairing would help him snag a wide range of new fans.

For Cudi, time away from his family played a huge role on him almost declining the tour run.

"It was a couple of weeks ago, actually," Cudi revealed regarding when he was requested to join the tour. "I got the call, and at first I just had to see if it was going to fit. I wanted to take a lot of time off for my family, just kind of hang with them. It worked out in a timely fashion, I'll still be able to put in the family time after the tour, I got a lot of time off after that. So it's good thing, and it will make more people aware of my album. I know I'll get a lot of new fans just off touring with her." (MTV)

The North American tour kicked off last week from Canada.

Described by Gaga as "the first-ever 'pop electro opera,'" the tour kicks off November 27th in Montreal, Canada and will hit North American 16 cities before ending with a two-night stand Jan. 20-21 at New York's Radio City Music Hall. "A message to all my little monsters: 'The Fame Monster' will come out four days before the first live show," said Gaga in a statement. "You have exactly 96 hours to learn all of the lyrics so you can sing along. Dress accordingly." Rapper Kid Cudi -- a protege of Kanye West who recently released his debut album, "Man on the Moon: The End of Day" -- will open for Gaga on "The Monster Ball" tour. (Billboard)

While Kanye West has yet to address his decision to drop the tour, reports initially claimed both artists' camps were unable to work together.

If Kanye West doesn't regret hijacking Taylor Swift, he will now -- we're told his concert tour with Lady Gaga was scrapped because ticket sales sucked. And "sucked" happens to be a nicer version of the word we were told. And not only that -- our insiders say another factor in the cancellation was West and Gaga's people were at each others throats like their last names were Gosselin. When it came down do it, we're told Gaga decided she'd be better off playing smaller venues ... and far from the headache caused by Kanye's ever present drama. (TMZ)

Reports of the tour's initial cancellation landed online in early October.

Kanye West and Lady Gaga's tour is over before it began. Just days after announcing dates for an ambitious tour that was to kick off next month, the tour was canceled. Live Nation announced the news on Thursday (October 1). The tour promoter says refunds will be issued. (ABC News)

Check out the original "Fame Kills" tour promotional trailer below:

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