News: Katt Williams Involved W/ Shotgun Wal-Mart Scare, Arrested By Police

Friday, Dec 4, 2009 5:25PM

Written by Biz Jones

Comedian Katt Williams is reportedly undergoing questions by Georgia police after being involved in a shotgun scare earlier today which resulted in him being arrested.

While details are still coming in, the incident reportedly took place Friday afternoon.

The comedian was arrested just minutes ago, and he's being taken to Coweta County jail. Word has it that a few members of his crew were taken into custody too. Reportedly, there was an incident with another entourage, but there's no word on what actually happened or what charges Katt is being booked on. Sources say that six police cars were called to a Wal-Mart parking lot because of the run-in. Katt was one of about 12 men who were rounded up. (S2Magazine)

A spokesperson covering the event has already confirmed the disturbance.

Gina Lau Snider, spokeswoman for the City of Newnan, said police responded to a disturbance call around 2 p.m. but is unclear as to who made the call and what the disturbance could actually be. "Some of the news media are reporting the incident is involving an 18-wheeler possibly owned by Williams, but I don't know if that is the case," she said. (Atlanta Constitution-Journal)

Reports claim Williams has been questioned for an extensive period of time.

Authorities questioned Williams for hours about the incident. Police said they responded to a disturbance call at Wal-Mart store parking lot in Newnan Friday afternoon. Investigators said Williams was involved in the disturbance, and was held for questioning in the incident. (My Fox Atlanta)

Additional details claim the comedian was arrested after being involved with a shotgun incident.

Someone involved in the Katt Williams incident earlier today pulled out a shotgun at the Georgia Walmart where Katt was arrested, this according to one of the people who called 911. About 3 minutes into the call, which came in at 2:17 PM local time, a man tells the 911 operator, "We're having a problem with Katt Williams ... and we need someone to come out here now."The caller then explains, "They pulled out a shotgun and stuff like this." The operator replied, "He pulled out a shotgun?" The caller responds, "Yes Ma'am." As TMZ first reported, Williams along with several other men from his "entourage" were arrested in the Walmart parking lot and transported to a local jail. (TMZ)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

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