News: Kanye West Gives Props To Eminem's Complex Covers, "These Are All History In The Making"

Wednesday, Dec 2, 2009 11:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West has taken moment out to pay homage to Eminem's recently revealed Complex magazine cover.

Writing via his blog, Yeezy also gave props to an artistic Pharrell Williams' chair.

"Pharrell Williams' Tank Chair.... Creativity will never be bound by the walls of perception and genre," he wrote Tuesday (December 1). "I REALLY THINK COMPLEX IS TAKING THE COVER GAME TO ANOTHER LEVEL, THESE ARE ALL HISTORY IN THE MAKING." (Kanye West's Blog)

Em's Complex feature also showcases the rapper speaking on his "Forever" collaboration alongside Ye, Drake and Lil Wayne.

"Who had the second-best verse? [Laughs.] I don't know, I like everybody's verses -- but I like Drake's verse a lot. I wouldn't say I had the best verse; everybody approached the beat different. Kanye was crazy, too, and Wayne. I just saw the beat differently than anybody else did; for some reason, I felt like the beat was a double-time beat, so I rapped faster." (Complex)

Ye is known for voicing his thoughts through his blog and paying homage to his close associates like Jay-Z and Pharrell.

"Everybody knows I get a little crazy with the clothes sometimes," Ye wrote in his blog last April. "Pharrell pioneered what I do now. He was the original to break down doors between 'real fashion' and hip-hop worlds, doing beats for Noreaga and running around with the model chicks. Ross gets real fresh. T.I. has a great effortless sense of style Jay has set mad trends and is the [Frank] Sinatra of our era. Nobody is as fresh as Ralph Lauren himself, only Andre 3000 and [Mr.] Bentley get close but there's still work to do. I think old men dress the freshest...When I can see crazy stuff I've worn and people laugh at me, all I can do is laugh with you and think, I had fun though." (Kanye West's Blog)

The rapper is reportedly in the studio working on his next album with help from Soulja Boy Tell Em.

"I'm working on Kanye's next album right now," Soulja Boy revealed in an interview over the summer. "We working together on production because he makes beats and I make beats. Right now I'm remixing a couple of records for him. I'm actually working on [Kanye's] album while he's working on my album." (Rap-Up)

Check out a past Kanye West interview below:

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