News: Juelz Santana Keeps Dipset Flag Flying High, "The Bird Is Always Gonna Be In The Sky" [Video]

Monday, Dec 28, 2009 4:45PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

As tension continues to rise among members of Dipset, Juelz Santana recently spoke on why despite estranged relationships, their legacy moves forward in hip-hop.

According to Santana, the combined efforts of Jim Jones, Cam'ron, Freekey Zekey and himself led to Dipset's movement.

"The bird is always gonna be in the sky," Santana promised in an interview. "They be flying high all day everyday. Can't nobody stop that no matter how much n*ggas wanna stop that, no matter what nobody say. Each one of us got our own right to say Dipset for whatever reasons because we all put bricks in that building. It's not just a name that's copyrighted, it's something that n*ggas put work in to. Everybody put a lot of work into that building, well at least the four main characters which is me, Jim, Zeke and Cam. Or if they wanna say Cam, Zeke, Jim and me. However you wanna put it." (The Cost Mag)

Juelz recently spoke on the status of a long-speculated Dipset reunion.

"If we can get back together and make it right its cool, its whatever, but I been grinding and putting the Skull Gang movement together," Santana explained in an interview. "I mean it wasn't about distancing myself from Cam. The business wasn't weighing out if you put it on a scale you know what I mean. That's why I never disrespect Cam or even say nothing bad because I respect the fact that he gave me the opportunity to even be here and I'm from Harlem, I'm a hustler so I ain't never going to look back. I'm in the middle of the ocean its either drown or get to the other f**king side. I ain't swimming backwards, I ain't doing that. At the end of the day I put in a lot of work into that Diplomat sh*t and like I said I still rep the bird to this day and its never like an I turned my back on it thing, its just the business was something that needed to get fixed and it just seemed that for some reason the communication wasn't there so the business didn't get fixed and it just left a sour taste especially with the way I looked at him. I looked at Cam like a brother, so it's like to where somebody is doing something that you don't expect." (All Hip Hop)

Last month, however, Cam said the Dipset reunion talks should be ignored.

"When I shake somebody's hand, [my Diplomat tattoo] is what you see," Cam said in an interview. "Shake hands. The only thing that bothers me is when n*ggas be like, 'Oh, so you can be down with Dipset? They gonna put you back down?' How can you put somebody back down for something that they own? Keepin' it a hundred, Dipset is Dipset but Dipset is over. They gotta get over it." (World Star Hip Hop)

After being accused of stealing funds by Freekey Zekey, Jim Jones aired out his issues on a track called "Feel Me," which he later defended.

"Shouts to Zeeky, f*cking punk!," Jones explained in an interview. "He wasn't lying about things like that. I wasn't stealing, though. I don't steal. So he put the track out, put some real life situations out. Some parts of our history and things like that, but I felt I needed to respond. We're having fun, so I felt I needed to respond. With the Diplomats, there was a lot of people involved in it. So that part is more frustrating than anything and sh*t. You start thinking about the money, and become a realist. There's a lot of motherf*ckin' money at stake. I'm just saying, it's hard out here to make a dollar, especially now. So if you got people offering you millions and millions of dollars that could feed other people. Not just about me and you, buddy, there's other people. You claim you love Zeek so much and all that sh*t. If n*ggas are telling me, Zeek can make a mill and some change, what's happening boss?" (Complex)

Check out Juelz Santana's interview below:

Juelz Santana Interview With The Cost Magazine from on Vimeo.

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