News: Juelz Santana Will Not Diss Cam'ron, "He Gave Me The Opportunity To Even Be Here"

Friday, Dec 11, 2009 5:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Dipset's Juelz Santana has opened up about not going down the same route as Jim Jones and exposing his past issues with Cam'ron.

Santana thinks  a Diplomat reunion is still possible.

"If we can get back together and make it right its cool, its whatever, but I been grinding and putting the Skull Gang movement together," Santana explained in an interview. "I mean it wasn't about distancing myself from Cam. The business wasn't weighing out if you put it on a scale you know what I mean. That's why I never disrespect Cam or even say nothing bad because I respect the fact that he gave me the opportunity to even be here and I'm from Harlem, I'm a hustler so I ain't never going to look back. I'm in the middle of the ocean its either drown or get to the other f**king side. I ain't swimming backwards, I ain't doing that. At the end of the day I put in a lot of work into that Diplomat sh*t and like I said I still rep the bird to this day and its never like an I turned my back on it thing, its just the business was something that needed to get fixed and it just seemed that for some reason the communication wasn't there so the business didn't get fixed and it just left a sour taste especially with the way I looked at him. I looked at Cam like a brother, so it's like to where somebody is doing something that you don't expect." (All Hip Hop)

Last month, Cam said the Dipset reunion talks should be ignored.

"When I shake somebody's hand, [my Diplomat tattoo] is what you see," Cam said in an interview. "Shake hands. The only thing that bothers me is when n*ggas be like, 'Oh, so you can be down with Dipset? They gonna put you back down?' How can you put somebody back down for something that they own? Keepin' it a hundred, Dipset is Dipset but Dipset is over. They gotta get over it." (World Star Hip Hop)

Juelz previously voiced his feelings on Cam exposing his syrup addiction earlier this year.

"It bothered me when Cam said it because it was like this is the reason why you're going to tell the world why you stopped speaking to me, because I was drinking sizurp?," Santana reflected in an interview. "You still spoke to other n*ggas that was sipping sizurp so it's just f*ck me because I'm drinking sizurp. It just didn't make sense to me...There's some things that gotta happen. I would love to do anything for the fans because I'm not a selfish person. If the fans want to see something, I'm not saying it would be genuine, but it would be cool and I ain't on it like that. It's just different with somebody that you look at different do something to you than somebody that you don't expect to do something to you do something to you." (Hip Hop Game)

Dipset's woes have been exposed as of late with the release of Jim Jones' "Feel Me" remix.

"Eh n*gga, if anything about me, I rob, I don't steal -- stealing? You a funny n*gga," Jones said. "Zekey wasn't lying about what money has ruined, I think the struggle for power is what started all this confusion/Around that same time he got caught up in that shooting/And not too far after that me and Cam started feuding/When I started 'Ballin'' it didn't make it no better/That was the last time we did a video together/And now our conversation, we should get this sh*t together..." ("Feel Me" Remix)

Check out Jim Jones speaking on Dipset below:

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