News: Jim Jones Defends Freekey Zekey Diss Track, "I Felt I Needed To Respond"

Tuesday, Dec 15, 2009 2:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Dipset's Jim Jones has justified firing back toward Freekey Zekey on the "Feel Me" remix and said despite the verbal jabs, he still maintains a certain level of respect for him.

According to the Capo, it was only necessary to defend himself against claims made by Zekey.

"Shouts to Zeeky, f*cking punk!," Jones explained in an interview. "He wasn't lying about things like that. I wasn't stealing, though. I don't steal. So he put the track out, put some real life situations out. Some parts of our history and things like that, but I felt I needed to respond. We're having fun, so I felt I needed to respond. With the Diplomats, there was a lot of people involved in it. So that part is more frustrating than anything and sh*t. You start thinking about the money, and become a realist. There's a lot of motherf*ckin' money at stake. I'm just saying, it's hard out here to make a dollar, especially now. So if you got people offering you millions and millions of dollars that could feed other people. Not just about me and you, buddy, there's other people. You claim you love Zeek so much and all that sh*t. If n*ggas are telling me, Zeek can make a mill and some change, what's happening boss?" (Complex)

Remixing Zekey's "Feel Me" record, Jones explained his stance on the situation.

"Eh n*gga, if anything about me, I rob, I don't steal -- stealing? You a funny n*gga," Jones said. "Zekey wasn't lying about what money has ruined, I think the struggle for power is what started all this confusion/Around that same time he got caught up in that shooting/And not too far after that me and Cam started feuding/When I started 'Ballin'' it didn't make it no better/That was the last time we did a video together/And now our conversation, we should get this sh*t together..." ("Feel Me" Remix)

Writing via a statement, Zeek detailed his motivation for dropping the unexpected tell-all track.

"It is time for me to speak," he wrote in a statement, "I want [the] world to know my side of the story; I want them to see my life for what it is. I want to answer the questions that people have been asking, like what's up with Dipset and why did you sign to Big Kat Records, when the listen to 'Feel Me' they will all have their answers." (All Hip Hop)

Initially released as being titled "Live It Luv It," the song explains how he and Juelz Santana were caught off-guard by the Cam-Jones dispute.

"Then Jim and Cam started fighting," Zeek raps. "Killa had some shiesty contracts/Said Jim was stealing the money/Kept it quiet didn't say nothing/Then me and Juelz [Santana] got hit like we was Joe Buddens/It took me about a year to get all them on an album -- they helped me back on my feet when I'm feeling like Gary Coleman -- 730 [Dips] was by they lonely, mixtape and World Star was the only thing had us going, aggravated, losing hope I took Henney under the rope..." ("Live It Luv It")

Check out Jim Jones speaking on Freekey Zekey below:

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