News: Hurricane Chris Unveils Ghostwriting Talent, "I Went Into The Studio & Made Hits"

Thursday, Dec 24, 2009 1:18PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Southern rapper Hurricane Chris has revealed that he ghost writes records for other rappers despite being an established emcee himself.

According to Chris, he is trying to make moves outside of his career as an artist.

A confident rapper, Chris feels as though he's primed to transition from entertainer to businessman. "I'm really in control of this Rap game, ya feel me? So I've been trying to get my game up on the business-side, ya feel me? I've got a record label that I'm coming out with, 51/50." Asked why now is the time to build an imprint, Chris proudly pointed to his track record. "I told Mike Jones to go and do 'Drop And Gimme 50,' I constantly went into the studio and made hits...I did a lot of writing, some writing for other people - I ain't gone say they names, but it's constantly been 'Hurricane Season.' Now you can keep your eyes locked on me." (Hip Hop DX)

Royce Da 5'9 recently spoke on writing hit records for Diddy.

"When I go in with Puff, I give him what he asks for," Royce revealed in an interview. "That's one thing he's never asked before [which is to dumb it down.] He's never came and said 'Yo, that's too lyrical.' If anything, it's 'Yo, put some more lines it it.' He's a fan of lyrics. He's a fan of lyrics, it's just the overall sound I think when people hear it, they have the impression that he wants to dumb everything down. I think he's just the opposite. I think he wants to figure out ways to combine both the worlds. The very very commercial 'I can sell this to anybody' world and he wants to maintain that lyrical integrity because he's from the streets. So I think he tries to combine 'em and I think he tries to find people that can put him in that lane. Because him just spitting it alone gives him another appeal. I see what he's doing and he normally is able to pull it off, I'm not in there all the time because I got my own sh*t that I'm dealing with but trust in me every time he calls I try to go and give him what he's looking for." (Ms Drama TV)

Earlier this year, Ludacris discussed ghost writing for Dr. Dre's Detox.

"It was for Dre," Luda confirmed in an interview about "O.G.'s Theme.". "I wrote it for Dre...It was supposed to be for Detox, but I don?t know since it got leaked. I don't know if it's gonna get used...I wrote a couple records and that was one of them." (Rap-Up)

Chris recently spoke with SOHH about his rap skills.

"Hand for hand, foot for foot, when it comes to rapping, you put somebody in my face and whatever category you give us, whatever you tell us to flow about, you tell us to talk about each other, I'm gonna destroy 'em," Chris promised SOHH. "I'll destroy whoever you put in front of me. Your talent shines until it gets in the presence of mine. Understand that? You see a star in the sky and it looks real bright until you go out the next day and there's a bigger star next to that star -- D-Bo, D-Bo, D-Bo. I'm the D-Bo of the rap game. I'm the D-Bo of it, watch what I tell you." (SOHH)

Check out a recent SOHH interview with Hurricane Chris below:

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