News: Gucci Mane's "State Vs. Radric Davis" Follow-Up On Deck, "It's Already Recorded"

Friday, Dec 18, 2009 10:10AM

Written by Rosario Harper

Incarcerated rapper Gucci Mane has announced plans to drop a new album, The State vs. Radric Davis: The Appeal, by next spring and said it will consist of at least 17 tracks.

The album will be a follow-up to his new solo project, The State vs. Radric Davis.

"I got an album coming out April 2010," Gucci revealed in an interview. "It's called The State vs. Radric Davis: The Appeal. Seventeen tracks. It's already recorded, getting mixed and mastered as we speak. I'm dropping a trilogy with The State vs. Radric Davis. When I get out, I'll be working on the third part to the trilogy. The final [will be called] The State vs. Radric Davis: The Verdict. That'll be [in stores] December of 2010." (MTV)

He recently spoke with radio veteran Big Boy about his rap popularity continuing to grow.

"I learned in the rap game, once you got heat people wanna stand next to you," Gucci revealed in an interview with radio personality Big Boy. "Once I established myself as being a credible artist as someone who could make some money -- then in that time, the people wanna bring something to the table." ("Big Boy's Neighborhood")

While in jail, he also was able to cease his rap beef with former rap rival, Young Jeezy.

"That's what it is homie," Jeezy said to Gucci, accepting the peace calling. "What's understood ain't gotta be said, man. We gonna do this for the city, so you keep your head up. Me and [DJ Drama] gonna hold it down, bruh and that's what it is. 100. That's what it is homie -- that's what it is man, it's back to business man. Back to the money, back to the music. Back to the streets. We're back for the city man. Believe that. We got more work to do -- by the way, you snuck me with that phone call homie, for real." (Hot 107.9)

His new album debuted onto the sales charts this week.

Incarcerated rapper Gucci Mane's State Vs. Radric Davis also landed onto the charts securing a spot at No. 10. The Southern emcee's latest effort rests at 90,000 after a week on store shelves. (Sales Wrap)

Check out the Gucci Mane & Young Jeezy interview down below:

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