News: Gucci Mane Reveals New Young Jeezy Collabo, "It's Debuting In A Few Weeks"

Tuesday, Dec 15, 2009 10:25AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Incarcerated rapper Gucci Mane updated fans this week on his relationship with former rival Young Jeezy and said music heads should prepare to hear an upcoming collaboration.

Speaking on the surge of joint records he has done for 2009, Gucci revealed an upcoming Jeezy collabo set to drop in January 2010.

"I learned in the rap game, once you got heat people wanna stand next to you," Gucci revealed in an interview with radio personality Big Boy. "Once I established myself as being a credible artist as someone who could make some money -- then in that time, the people wanna bring something to the table...Before the conversation we had collaborated, we had been talking. And we kinda had a mutual agreement together. Both of us are so big and got so many people that wanna party with us, it's kinda selfish to say we travel around the world -- I knew me personally, I didn't want that on my hands...We already collaborated on two songs, one is already out and one is debuting in a few weeks." ("Big Boy's Neighborhood")

Both Jeezy and Gucci promised to move forward and dead their beef during a phone interview in early December.

"That's what it is homie," Jeezy said to Gucci, accepting the peace calling. "What's understood ain't gotta be said, man. We gonna do this for the city, so you keep your head up. Me and Dram gonna hold it down, bruh and that's what it is. 100. That's what it is homie -- that's what it is man, it's back to business man. Back to the money, back to the music. Back to the streets. We're back for the city man. Believe that. We got more work to do -- by the way, you snuck me with that phone call homie, for real." (Hot 107.9)

After releasing his Gucci and OJ da Juiceman "23, 24" diss song last summer, Jeezy said he dropped the track as a response to shots from the fellow Southern rapper.

"It wasn't a question of 'Why do the song now?'" Jeezy said in an interview. "It was more so of when dude went away, did his little time or whatever - he came back. The sh*t was squashed...But as you know, Slick Pulla is locked up...He started taking shots on his little mixtapes....To be honest, I don't have a problem with Gucci because I wear it -- I have a problem with Radric [Gucci's Mane's given name]...This is what he does...He says what he says, then he hides his hands. Then when you say something, you're the bad guy. I'm definitely not the aggressor in this situation. I'm just holding my business. I'm a grown a** man...I don't got no reason to be picking on nobody or f*ck with nobody for no exposure. Come on, dog. I ain't never did no sh*t like that to sell no records or get no notoriety. It's personal because he keeps f*cking throwing rocks and hiding his hands, man." (MTV)

Writing via Twitter, Busta Rhymes recently paid homage to both emcees for taking a mature route on moving through their past differences.

"@orangeoscar Congrats on that Jeezy/Gucci truce big homie!!!," he wrote Friday (December 4) night. "@DJDRAMA Congrats on that Jeezy/Gucci truce big homie!!!Salute..." (Busta Rhyme's Twitter)

Check out the conversation between Young Jeezy & Gucci Mane below:

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