News: Game Talks Beef W/ Mom, "She's One Of My Worst Enemies" [Video]

Saturday, Dec 19, 2009 10:00AM

Written by Rosario Harper

Black Wall Street leader Game recently talked about his studio time with Robin Thicke and how when it comes to rap beef, his mother falls in line with 50 Cent.

Playfully speaking about his "beef," Game declared his love and loyalty to his mother.

"Soon as he started talking about his mom, I started thinking about my mom and I just told a story and kinda mixed it in like I do and that's just what it was," Game revealed about his Thicke collaboration. "I'll let her hear it on her own -- she'll start crying and sh*t...She always wanted me to do this and do the right thing but I was always f*cking up and couldn't get it right until now. She expresses her gratitude -- and how happy she is of all my accomplishments...I'm pretty sure she listens to every single records because you never know, she might think I'll diss her one day so she'll be locked in waiting for the beef. Me and my moms, we had beef for a long time. When we beef, we beef, man. She don't really comment on my music -- but I love my mom to death and she don't judge me, she don't judge my music." (Rap-Up)

Aside from helping Thicke, Game revealed placing Nicki Minaj onto his upcoming R.E.D. Album.

"Nicki Minaj made the R.E.D. album. gone be CLASSIC," Game wrote Monday (December 14) night. "RT @THEREALCAWB: @ihategame stop f*cking ignoring my tweets if you keep niki on the album im not buying and i bought all your albums you ... @THEREALCAWB well don't buy it then f*ggot !!! no dis-respect to y'all gay folks but this n*gga might be mo h*mo than y'all." (Game's Twitter)

Game has also reunited with his former Aftermath Records boss, Dr. Dre.

"R.E.D., I'm just painting the whole world red," Game promised in an interview with DJ Green Lantern. "It's basically the re-dedication, it's my most hood and street album since The Documentary so it's basically being rededicated to my fans, my family, my kids, my block, my hood. Like, hip-hop, the R.E.D. Album is gonna be crazy. I'm back in with Dre everyday going hard in the studio doing the little stuff, working on Detox with him and he's working on The R.E.D. Album with me. It's just, we got a good feeling out here...I did my last two albums without Dre and even though, I just did it on my own man. When I talked to him, he [was like] I've been doing a good job and he took a listen and I did my thing. I learned well, my time at Aftermath was spent well, so getting back in, that old feeling came back. The chemistry is crazy, I got a lot of love for that dude and that's why I never really disrespected him or really went at Aftermath, I only did what I had to do to survive man, but I got love for dude and we back in grindin' man." (That's Hip Hop)

Earlier this week, Game talked about his next album being beef-free.

"The R.E.D. Album has presented me the opportunity to make the type of music I've always wanted to make and I'm free," he explained in an interview. "I have no beefs and there's nothing holding me back. I'm just having fun in the studio and I'm just recording man. I'm having the time of my life. Pharrell is my best hip-hop friend to date. Working with him has been nothing short of a catastrophic portion and every day that I can get in with that cat is different." (Metro Mix)

Check out Game speaking on Robin Thicke and his mother below:

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