Pulse Report: Game Scared 50 Cent, T.I. Gets Crazy Treatment, Amazon Empties Lil Wayne's Garbage

Friday, Dec 18, 2009 12:10PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

In this week's Pulse Report, we got your a** locked and loaded into the past seven days where we see how Game shook 50 Cent, peep T.I. going cuckoo for no more 'cuffs, witness Amazon trash Lil Wayne's "rock" career, discover the Shyne-DJ Khaled connection and oh SOHH much more!

[Editor's Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. Why U Mad?

"You know you done f*cked up, right?" LOL. I swear , 5-0's self destruction keeps getting mo' and mo' hilarious by the f*cking minute. What brick did he swallow over these past seven days? Game dissing his a**? Ehh, okay. G-Unit looking scabby and broke? Nahh, not really. His white co-author from The 50th Law speaking out of pocket and "accidentally" showing your boy's punk a** attempts to get rid of that "Change of Heart" dude back in 2005-2006? LMFAO, oh sh*t!!!

"I don't think he was looking for 'advice,' per se," Robert Greene explained in an interview. "Because, who am I to give him advice? But, maybe he was. We talked about it, for sure. To be honest with you, I wasn't too up on the situation. I knew that there was a beef going on, but what was behind it? How did it start? I really didn't know. So, talking about it then, what I would've said knowing what I know now about the whole thing, it would've been different. So I don't know if my 'advice' was particularly insightful at that time. That's when I thought he was a very crafty person. He was really strategizing in a hardcore way, about how to make this guy go away. Not in the Mafia sense, but how to end [the problem], so it doesn't turn into this mutually destructive war...I was impressed about how he was weighing certain options and not just going with raw emotion, because you'd expect someone with the persona that he projects--which really isn't who he is--that he would be looking for something kind of ultra-aggressive. That's the entertainment part of 50. The real 50 is much more strategic."

F*ck, y'all need to write to @sohhdotcom and get me my own daily column b/c I had to wait a d*mn week to post this up! LMFAO. "...how to make this guy go away." And this is coming from the "hardcore" dude y'all love, right? D*mn, "I knew you were acting funny when you started sleeping in that vest dawg," (c) "300 Bars & Runnin'" Yeah, now if that above tell-all by Greene doesn't justify why Game had dude "shook," then y'all are bugging out for real. Y'all call dude "bi-polar" but with "This Is 50 Fest" and "Grey Poupon A**" words to Jay-Z, 50 Cent is looking more Nas-like in his proclamations, nah? Besides that, Game still is going at dude and his Unit.

"I tried to get him over that 160 mark, man. We bought 17 albums man, real talk. I just wanted to help him out man. I tried to get him into, I don't know, [if] my 17 was gonna get him to a million, I didn't know what I was doing. But eh, I support it, I support hip-hop, man. It's sad and tragic that he didn't do what he thought he would do. But he's 50, man, he'll find out a way to sell somebody some G-Unit maxi-pads, or G-Unit tampons or G-Unit douches, he's a business man...I think if Dre would have came out on the same day, he would have did a million or something or he would have did his mark. I just think people aren't buying or are buying what has a buzz and what's hot. I think it's a thin line and I fall somewhere in the middle and that's what keeps me afloat and my longevity is sustained."

Yeah, at this point his album sales are beyond f*cking hilarious. And shout-outs to some of y'all saying why rap is bogus as sh*t these days, maybe with the deaths of some of these "tough guys," y'all will start to see the Kid Cudi's (punching fans though? LOL), Wale's, B.o.B.'s, Charles Hamilton's, J. Cole's and Drake's of this rap sh*t. SOHH stop your blood clot crying, d*mn, even Game feels sorry for 5-0 these days. All I'm saying is how do you let personal sh*t hit the 'net like him trying to clean-up his DEFEAT around 05/06 when it was the same time he was on that Mobb Deep and M.O.P. "kill-a-motherf*cker" tip. i.e. '300 Shots.' Told y'all, bogus a** rap game moves, we see y'all.

2. Crazy

Look, I won't even bullsh*t y'all, if I was put in front of a judge, I wouldn't know jack sh*t besides what I remember from watching The Rainmaker back on VHS a decade ago. Regardless though, seems like the "King of the South" is going...crazy? LMFAO. Nah, for real? With my lack of legal terms and strategy, we need some words from Tip's homie, Steve Sadow on this ASAP. WTF? The king is going loco?

T.I. has a projected release date in "approximately the fourth week of March 2010. Now it is up to the [Federal] Bureau of Prisons to decide whether someone should be placed in a halfway house prior to the projected release date," Sadow explained. "The Bureau of Prisons can do that and typically does it either a month before, or two months before... as much as six months before the projected release date. We are hopeful that T.I. will be placed in a halfway house within the next month or so, which would be about two or three months before his projected release date. We are hopeful for that, we do not have any control over it. The Bureau of Prisons makes that decision entirely on its own, they don't share that decision with the public and they don't share that decision with the defense lawyers," he said.

So hold-up. T.I. is looking at May 2010 but didn't his a** show up late, too? But now it looks like he is gunning down (no pun intended) a March 2010 date for snitching (Just f*cking with you, @GrandHustle) good behavior? Yeah? Oh sh*t, nah, now it's looking like...wait, three months before May? So when Weezy goes in, Tip is going out? D*mn, Buju Banton might need to f*ck with Sadow. On that note, let's find out what the blogs were saying about my man going crazy.

Officially, T.I. isn't slated to be released until May 26, 2010, however, due to good behavior and other factors, prison officials are considering releasing him to a halfway home by no later than March 2010. This will be great news for fans of southern hip hop, as many of their favorite artists are either currently in jail or facing lock-up soon.

Aiight, so no bullsh*t rumors about him trying to dress up some dudes like Tiny or find the next Young Dro, right? LOL. Tip, come home homie, the South is lockin' everybody's a** up these days. Shout-outs to C-Murder, Lil Boosie, Da Brat via So So Def association, Turk and the rest of them dudes. And yeah, say they're criminals, but I believe in second chances. i.e. Lil Kim's 2003 boob job.

3. Death of a Rock Star

Remember me calling Weezy the Dr. Dre of this rap sh*t, well, more so for that Detox move he did by pushing the record to 2010? LMFAO!!! D*mn I can call these things, nah? Told y'all, batting .900 and with that said, let's go ahead and thank Amazon for "accidentally" getting paid off to dropping about 500 thousand early copies.

About 500 Amazon customers who pre-ordered the album are enjoying the record already, thanks to a shipping mishap. According to sources and an e-mail to Billboard from an Amazon customer, the online merchant sent copies of the album to some customers who pre-ordered "Rebirth." The album began arriving in mailboxes on Monday, Dec. 14, despite a change in the street date from Dec. 21 to February 1. Although Amazon received the word to return the Lil Wayne album, supposedly about 500 copies were sent to customers. An Amazon spokesman didn't respond to an e-mail request for a comment.

LOL. Come on, sh*t is bogus as f*ck. They were better off just saying it leaked from the factory, just ask 5-0 about that experience. But to say a retailer like Amazon released only about 500? F*ck outta. I might be on my Mel Gibson Conspiracy Theory-sh*t, but this was definitely the work of Universal FINALLY REALIZING they can't just put the sh*t out and have a Tha Carter III first-week when even white rockers ain't f*cking with "Prom Queen" or "Da Da Da." How can I be so sure that this is on some inside sh*t?

"Young Money will be on the Monique show 2nite!!!!! Check ya local listings for specific times!!!!," YM President Mack Maine wrote Wednesday (December 16). "RT @GUDDA1: DEC.21ST DEC.21ST >>> "W R YOUNG MONEY" IN STORES MONDAY!! RT @KarenCivil: Leaked 09 Rebirth isn't going to be 2010 Rebirth.."

D*mmmmmmn, now if you can't respect that your whole career's off track, maybe you'll love Wayne when he fades to wack. Yeah, just giving y'all a few more bars to make this more understanding, let me clear the confusion up. Rebirth 2009 s*cks. Interscope not impressed and delays album mad times. Interscope leaks records to see the response. Blogs aren't even f*cking with Wayne's sh*t. Wayne wants his music heard. Young Money OR Interscope pay off Amazon pimple-faced seasonal worker to ship copies. Everyone is "shocked." The album gets delayed through 2011 b/c of Wayne's jail time. LOL. Prove me wrong y'all. February 2010 will be here soon!

4. We The Besssstttttt!!!!!

Listtteeeeeeeeen to me for a f*cking second, please. This may be the "realest" statement I've ever inked for y'all. IF...IF...."IF" DJ Khaled can get Shyne's first rap game comeback to be on his upcoming Victory album, dude wins. It's that f*cking simple. DUDE WINS. No bullsh*t.

1. DJ Khaled Intro (feat. Diddy) 2. Fed Up (feat. Usher, Drake, Young Jeezy & Rick Ross) 3. All My Life (feat. Akon, Mavado & Shyne) 4. Victory (feat. John Legend, Kanye West, Nas & Jadakiss) 5. Put Your Hands Up (feat. Young Jeezy, Rick Ross & Plies) 6. Rocking All My Chains (feat. Soulja Boy, Bun B & Birdman) 7. Bring The Money Out (feat. Nelly, Lil Boosie & Fat Joe) 8. Untitled (feat. T-Pain & Trick Daddy) 9. She Killing Me (feat. Buju Banton & Busta Rhymes) 10. Loco With The Cake (Remix) (feat. Ace Hood & Yo Gotti) 11. Untitled 2 (feat. Fabolous & Ne-Yo) 12. Heavy In The Streets (feat. Red Rum)

Now of course, just like how I thought dude was another fat Spanish deejay back in '05, Khaled does some ol' regular a** sh*t, makes me change my opinion and says that he had to take off some records. SMFH....f*cking Khaled.

"Ninety percent of that track listing is so real," Khaled said in an e-mail. "I can tell u this, [the album] is getting even bigger. But just know the ones you read on that track listing that you hoping are on the Victory album, I can say this; God is soooo goood! VICTORY coming soon! Put it this way, I took three records off because I had no choice. [The album] got bigger if you know what I mean! A classic is being made! I make hit records! Every record is a single on this album classic I do it for the people! Ha, ha, ha, we the best! Victory coming soon! Happy Holidays! And Happy New Year! We the best season has returned! 2010 let's go!"

I know you don't see the citation (@sohhdotcom gives all these sites enough credit, f*ck outta here), but how the f*ck does MTV end up ONLY getting an e-mail response from this dude? His money doesn't stretch "that" long to be too important/busy for a phoner. In that case, I REALLY hope Shyne drops some freestyles before that Victory drops. OH but wait, y'all ain't heard the news?

"he's gr8! doing lots of giving back.," Angie Martinez wrote about Shyne on Sunday (December 13). "big producers & execs been flyin 2 Belize & music is coming! :) @ixler21 wassup w/SHYNE?"

Shyne. Is. Back. 2010.

5. Rage Against The Machine

I think I'mma do it one more year, one more f*cking year. Television. Y'all thought having cable was a calling to freedom, well doggies, you got the sh*t a** backwards like them Naked.com girls at 3 AM. First up, Obie Trice getting sh*tted on by BET? Oh d*mn. Word?

"I can only talk about my last album, Second Round's On Me. There was a lot of things going on with that record as far as promotion-wise and the marketing scheme of the record, and then a bunch of issues with MTV not playing my lead single with Akon, and that kind of hindered things -- we needed that video look," Trice explained in an interview. "BET wouldn't play the video because Eminem had missed the BET Awards three years in a row, so he had to shake hands with them, kiss and make up with them by going back to the BET Awards with Busta Rhymes that one year to fix that situation so we can get music played. So honestly, it's the push of the label, the push of the radio playing the music and just working the record. Some people work records, and if it ain't an instant hit they leave it alone. That's kind of like Interscope's format. You have other labels that work records for six months--they believe in this record, and they believe in that record. So it's just about the mechanics behind the whole situation, I believe."

Comments? Anger? Shock? F*ck that, I'mma keep my composure and leave things on a subtle note. Television is f*cking ridiculous and while minorities (and all y'all others that f*ck with us) feel like we got an outlet on things like TVOne and BET, I come across some shady a** sh*t like this every few months. I won't even tell you about learning about some of their bullsh*t courtesy of that dude Andreas Hale a few months back when he was canned. The Internet ain't necessarily the answer, but in times when it's getting more bogus as f*ck and controlling, we gotta keep spinning the sh*t in these dudes' faces. Don't let Chris Brown and his "blackballing" rants fool you, speak for yourself and support what y'all believe in. Realize when relevant and motivating sh*t is being swept under the table at the cost of getting a few extra dollars but not bettering us. For that, I tip my hat to some dudes still doing it like Obie Trice and have to struggle even harder now. Sh*t, you think him having music banned from BET when he was signed to Shady was bad, now with no major label support, whatcha think BET has got for him?

***Yeah yeah yeah, I OD'd on that above Brown-a** rant, but f*cks with me though and see past it. Even when putting the chance of losing some of y'all readers out there with my vulgar word choice and heartless remarks, I hope y'all can at least appreciate the open forumn we're creating here and that we all got a voice. Still standing, still getting another shot to live thanks to y'all f*cking with me. Now get some holiday shopping knocked out and I'll see y'all in the comments! ---Bulldog Butterworth***

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[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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