News: Game & Pharoahe Monch Discuss Tiger Woods Family Woes, "Told Y'all Tiger Was Hood"

Wednesday, Dec 2, 2009 5:44PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rappers Game and Pharoahe Monch have shared their reactions to famous golfer Tiger Woods' recent publicized family problems and speculated relationship with his wife.

Writing via Twitter, Game questioned why Tiger is receiving negative attention for having an alleged affair.

"see, told y'all Tiger was hood.," Game wrote Wednesday (December 2). "Funny how Tiger do a lil cheatin on his wife & it's a BIG deal but Hugh Hefner can cheat on his wife on a reality show ere'day & its nuthin. aint playin the race card, #imjustsayin. we've seen the media "USE" us then "ABUSE" us over & over again. 1st they love Michael [Jackson] then they scrutinize em to his grave. now TIGER ?!?! Oprah, you ALL WE GOT NOW. don't F#$@ UP !!! Tiger should've cheated wit 1 of dem chicks off Ray J show. they would've held it down for u my n*gga, I can call Tiger my n*gga now right ?" (Game's Twitter)

Monch also poked fun at Tiger and his wife's situation via Twitter.

"Tiger woods wife teeing off on his head is getting a more thorough investigation than the security breach at the white house.," Monch wrote. "i can see tiger now in full (cablanaisan) - voice- 'foo fee please lets talk about, but first put down that 4 iron'." (Pharoahe Monch's Twitter)

Woods released a statement to the media today addressing his personal matters.

Three days after Tiger Woods denounced as false the flood of speculation surrounding his auto accident, including reports of alleged infidelity, the golfer on Wednesday apologized for "transgressions" that "let my family down." Mr. Woods, who hasn't spoken publicly since the crash last Friday, released a statement on his Web site, regretting "personal behavior" that he didn't specify. "I will strive to be a better person and the husband and father that my family deserves," he said. He also said he and his wife, Elin Nordegren, have been "hounded to expose intimate details of our personal lives" and insisted that his family be allowed to cope privately. (Wall Street Journal)

The athlete's current situation has also taken on a variety of spoofs and caught the attention of a few businesses.

Some companies were capitalizing on Woods' woes, proving the golfer could make them a buck even if he they didn't have a contract with him. Discount Florida carrier Spirit Airlines greeted visitors to its website yesterday with an animated car being driven into a hydrant by a solemn tiger wearing a golf cap. The gimmick: an "eye of the tiger sale" with fares starting at $9. (New York Daily News)

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