News: Fabolous Not Planning Beanie Sigel Diss Record W/ Jay-Z, "That's Not My Beef" [Audio]

Thursday, Dec 3, 2009 11:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Fabolous recently shared his thoughts on the Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z dispute, saying he would not want to become involved by helping Hov put together a diss track.

Speaking with radio personality Jenny Boom Boom, Fab also denied knowing anything about an alleged upcoming "Empire State of Mind" remix diss with Nas.

"I haven't," Fab said about a rumored Nas and Jay-Z diss song. "I heard a message or something on the Internet but I haven't...Nah, not really [I would not do a diss] because that's not my beef. I don't have a problem with Beanie, actually, you know what I'm saying, I'm cool with Beanie too. The same circle Jay was, Beanie was there too. So we all had, [well], I'm not as close, close to Beanie as I am with Jay, but I wouldn't. That's not my beef. Their thing is a little more personal, I mean. Everybody knows Jay and Beans, at one point, were hand and hand. Like, that's not my beef, I wouldn't even jump in there." (Jenny Boom Boom TV)

Fab previously shared his feelings on the dispute via Twitter last October.

"I jus heard a JayZ diss record by Beanie Siegel..," Fab wrote Friday (October 30). "That's ill to me.. And the record is hard! Never thought i would hear a JayZ diss song by Beanie Siegel....WOW..jus wow.. (Affion Crockett chris brown on larry king impression voice) To me its disappointing, i hate 2 c family fight.. But i dont know either side of the story.. So im neutral & enjoyin the music, as u should i made JayZ & Beanie Siegel a trending topic not even tryin to.. hate hip hop family splits & beef's... the Cam vs. Jim & Juelz, the Cash Money vs. Juve, B.G. & Turk.. Dr. Dre vs. Snoop... all bad." (Fabolous' Twitter)

Sigel has suggested Jay recruited Nas for a diss record going at him and 50 Cent.

"I'm nice at chess too," Sigel told radio personality DJ On & On. "They say he got a record supposed to come out, the remix to the New York sh*t, he's poppin' shots at me, poppin' shots at 50 but he pulled Nas on the record hoping that a n*gga will respond to it and come at Nas and Nas is gonna come right back, he ain't gonna hold no punches, he's gonna come right back. He should come right back but look at the moves. I see that. I'm not worried about Nas, I did that already. I did that already. In defense of him I did that already. I was there when dude was in the studio on the couch scratching his head under pressure." (Jump The Turn Style)

Roc Nation's J. Cole recently said he would not become involved in Hov's battle by participating in inking a diss record.

"I don't know anything about that situation, to really have an opinion, so my opinion really don't [mean] nothing," Cole explained in an interview. "But I will say, like, from a fan standpoint, it's just a fan answer, you can really tell some pain in the words he's saying. I don't know any facts or details of what happened, like, that was before my era. It was a whole different time, a whole different culture I think of how they ran they business back then but you could just tell, it's coming from somewhere because you can hear the pain in his voice. You can hear real emotion. But I don't know details and specifics though. I don't know Beanie Sigel, I never met him. [Young] Chris is cool, Young Chris is real cool. I always run in to him, that's my man right there but I don't know Beanie Sigel...[Jay and Beans] are really street n*ggas, they come from a culture where it's like that's kinda how it is. I don't even think Jay's in that place [to beef] no more. He's far from that place and I'm d*mn sure not in that place, I went to school. Like, I understand it -- but that's not even my place [to make a diss record with Jay.]" (Hard Knock TV)

Check out Fabolous' interview with Jenny Boom Boom below:

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