News: Fabolous Analyzes R&B Rappers, "People Used To Get Mad At Ja Rule For Singing" [Video]

Wednesday, Dec 30, 2009 8:00PM

Written by Rosario Harper

New York rapper Fabolous recently shared his opinion on emcees taking the role of R&B singers by crooning on tracks and questioned why Ja Rule received so much heat in the past.

For Fab, various hit records over the past year have included melodies and singing.

"I don't got no problems with that," Fab explained in an interview. "Some rappers sing, some rappers rap. It's about melody I think. Certain people used to get mad at Ja Rule for singing -- everybody was mad, you may say he's not singing on key or whatever, but all these guys are singing and using auto-tune -- I've never had a problem with it. It's melody, melodic, a lot of the joints that are hit records have that form to them. 50 [Cent] used to say he was singing, it was different than Ja because of what he was singing about, but it's still him singing his own hooks. Just because it's not an R&B guy singing, it's still singing. It's the same thing." (Real Talk NY)

Ja Rule associate Cadillac Tah previously spoke on 50 using the rapper's singing style on his "Candy Shop" hit back in 2005.

"I guess [his plan] was for him to try to Tupac it, Tupac and Biggie," Tah explained in an interview. "Find a target, go after the target to make people look at him. That's kinda always been his little strategy even when he made the song 'How to Rob.' He did that so everybody would switch the attention to him, it wasn't like that was a bad plan. It worked, so if it worked it means it was a good plan. I was just not advising him to do that -- He played a ill strategic game. He threw Ja off of his grind and jumped on Ja's sh*t. He always wanted what Ja had, I mean that kinda fame, how Ja was killing 'em on the radio songs every five minutes...He came in the game with 'What up blood, what up cuz,' and then it's 'I wanna take you to the candy shop,' and he would start singing a whole lot. It's the same sh*t you had my n*gga on the Summer Jam screen about, making fun of that -- and you d*mn near made a whole singing album like that." (Ms Drama TV)

Earlier this year, Rule shared his reaction to 50's "Behind The Music" VH1 special and said he deserved credit for the rapper's success.

"It's not new, he's always talking about me," Rule said in an interview about 50. "N*ggas love me man. Ol' Boo Boo was talking about me again? Let's get back to this b*tch a** n*gga Boo Boo. I should [get a check from 50]. That n*gga, man, he owes me a lot of checks man when you really want to think about it." (World Star Hip Hop)

Kid Cudi previously spoke with SOHH about being compared to rap newcomers like Drake who can sing and rap.

"I'm not really comfortable with the word 'trend' and you throwing me in that group [laughs]," Cudi said about being compared to Drake and T-Pain. "But of course, it's inevitable when the media kinda takes something, a collection of things, and throw it all in the same box. But uhm, that's why I'm really excited about this album because once it drops and people hear it, they're gonna understand that like, that category you just mentioned, you'll never want to include me in it again. [laughs] I'm not like, part of that, I'm not a trend. You know what I mean? I'm kinda like, I've worked so hard to separate myself from anything that's trendy. You know what I mean?" (SOHH)

Check out Fabolous speaking on R&B rappers below:

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