News: Diddy Banks Over $400K W/ Home Shopping Network Debut

Monday, Dec 7, 2009 12:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Diddy reportedly sold over $400,000 worth of his I Am King and Unforgivable fragrance lines during his Home Shopping Network debut last week.

According to reports, Puff pushed sales $10,000 in product every 60 seconds.

Talk about a business man. Diddy grossed an average of $10,000 of sales per minute on his recent visit to the Home Shopping Network where he sold out of his fragrance collections I Am King and Unforgivable Men and Women in a total of 40 minutes. The sell out was a record for the Home Shopping Network where over 5,600 units were sold at an average price of $68 for a gross of over $400,00o in sales. After this success you can be sure the the Home Shopping Network will be the new go-to spot for celebrities pushing their products. Word on the street is Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine might make an appearance to push their Beats by Dre line including the headphones and the HP Envy. (Woooha News)

During Diddy's showcase, the famed producer also offered consumers a free Sean John bag with their purchases.

"I Am King, I think when people first heard the statement, 'I Am King,' they thought I was talking about myself," Diddy explained on the show. "In all actuality, I was talking about the king in all of us. My grandmother brought me up to believe that you are who you say you are and if we call ourselves kings, we call ourselves queens, then we're more likely to be treated like that...I feel if we, as men, act as kings, we'll respect our women as queens...I want you to let them know that we made this [hand bag] exclusively for you guys, you can't find this in any other stores or outlet, that this is a one of a kind for you guys...A lot of people out there do not know what holiday gift to get. With this holiday gift, you cannot go wrong. I've given a lot of this as gifts, and believe me, I've had some happy friends that have received this gift." (Home Shopping Network)

Details on Diddy's appearance landed online in late November.

On November 30, beginning at the ripe hour of 11 p.m., the Home Shopping Network will be forever changed when P. Diddy hits the airwaves. Diddy will shill his Unforgivable and I Am King fragrances with the reported goal of selling $400,000 worth of merchandise, and showing the world fragrances can be sold on TV -- or, at least, that if anyone can convince the public to buy scents they can't smell, Diddy can. (New York Magazine)

Initial speculation described the showcase as a talk-show like setting.

HSN will be building a special set for Combs' fragrance segment that looks more like a slick city talk show set than the cozy living room or wintry wonderland one might typical expect of, say, HSN or QVC. In fact, Diddy won't even really be selling the fragrance -- he'll be appearing more like a talk show guest than a promoter, adding a flashy celebrity element to the show and also playing up, we'd suppose, being the embodiment of each fragrance's aesthetic. (NBC New York)

Check out Diddy's Home Shopping Network appearance below:

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