News: Coolio's MMA Match-Up Called Off, Low Ticket Sales To Blame

Monday, Dec 14, 2009 11:40AM

Written by Biz Jones

Rap veteran Coolio's mixed martial arts debut against fighter Eric Martinez was canceled over the weekend due to low ticket sales.

According to reports, only a few hundred tickets were sold for the Saturday (December 12) fight.

Heavyweights Jeff Monson and Travis Fulton had been slated to meet in the main event. The event's matchmaker, Feliz Martinez, identified Rod Riccardi as the promoter of the event. Alabama does not have a regulatory body to oversee combat sports events. Fulton's manager, Chad Bergmeier, said he was told late Thursday of the cancellation, as Fulton was already en route to Alabama. Bergmeier said a rep for the promotion told him the event had only sold a couple hundred tickets. Bergmeier said Fulton's flight and hotel to Alabama had been paid for and that he was trying to work with the promotion Friday to get Fulton back home to Iowa. (Sherdog News)

Thunder Promotions CEO Rod Riccardi released a statement blaming the sales partially toward the match's initial contestant, DMX.

"As CEO of Thunder Promotions LLC, I have endeavored to promote the highest quality of fight entertainment. Toward that goal, my company has resisted any and all efforts to participate in fights that were less than above board and legitimate," Riccardi said in a statement. "With this event, Thunder Promotions LLC had expended a great deal of time, effort and money promoting an event that was to be headlined by the rap personality DMX. When he decided to back out of the event due to our refusal to fix his fight, it left Thunder Promotions LLC with little time to promote an event with a replacement headliner." (All Hip Hop)

Coolio, who later replaced X, recently expressed his anticipation for the fight.

"I've been doing martial arts for 18 years," Coolio told radio personality Angela Yee. "Eh listen, somebody gonna get knocked the f*ck out! Coolio don't take a** whoopings well, I'll tell you what, if I get into trouble, you gonna know because it's gonna go from boxing to f*cking wrestling and choking because I hate to lose... H*ll yeah I'll cheat to win. Man please. I'd rather get disqualified than get knocked out. They approached me. They was just looking for a dumb motherf*cker that they thought might do it and they thought I needed the money but it's because I like to fight." (Team Yee TV)

Reports about X headlining the event landed online in September .

Thunder Promotions recently announced that Alabama Pride: Butterbean vs. Tank Abbott is set to take place on December 12 at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex in Birmingham, Alabama. Headlining the event is a heavyweight match-up between Butterbean and Tank Abbott. Thunder Promotions also announced is a celebrity fight between co-headliners rapper DMX and musician Eric Martinez. (MMA Waves)

Check out DMX initially speaking on the fight below:

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