News: Chris Brown Responds To Negative "Graffiti" Feedback, "We're Gonna Keep It Moving"

Wednesday, Dec 9, 2009 12:00PM

Written by Rosario Harper

R&B singer Chris Brown has responded to recent negative reviews of his new Graffiti album and said he was being slammed for his domestic dispute with ex-lover Rihanna.

According to Brown, fans have showed their support for the album.

"My fans [have] given me a great response on the album," Brown said in an interview. "They actually said they love it. They tell me what songs they love. Like 99 percent of the comments are all positive about the album. I didn't get the way they looked at my album. I just felt like there was a little bit of hate because of the situation and not because of the music. But we're gonna keep it moving." (MTV)

Reviews of the album compared his project to Rihanna's Rated R.

If by some accident of fate, or maybe record-company cynicism, the new Chris Brown album has arrived at the same moment as his ex's. The results tempt a reviewer to talk in terms of moral victories, but the real triumph here is artistic. Chris Brown has made a bland, occasionally obnoxious, pro forma R&B album. Rihanna has transformed her sound and made one of the best pop records of the year. (Rolling Stone)

Brown has also displayed his remorse in multiple interviews.

When asked, "Do you think the punishment fits the crime?", Brown paused, and then spoke more of the public humiliation he has been suffering than he did of the actual court-ordered punishment. Brown made it clear that he was not his step-father and sent out a clear message to people who might be in relationships that involve domestic violence. "The choices and decisions you make will change your future," was part of his message. (Examiner)

The singer is also believed to be speaking on his past relationship with Rihanna on the Graffiti track, "Famous Girl."

Singing lyrics including "I never should have written 'Disturbia'" and "I should have known you'd break my heart," Brown appears to be taking aim at the "Rated R" diva. For months there have been rumors circulating about alleged cheating on the part of both Brown and Rihanna. Singing "Since I thought I found the right womanthere were other guys who thought the same thing about it, like d*mn you let me down-down-down you famous girl," Brown sheds light on a relationship just after singing "Drake would say that you're the best he ever had. Rumors come and go but you keep a shadow. Every where you go it follows." Brown later laments "Too much pressure I wish I was frozen. Seems we lost our way. I hope you're happy being famous girl." (Singersroom)

Check out Chris Brown's "Famous Girl" song below:

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