News: Busta Rhymes Misses Court Date, Must Fork Over $75K For Assault

Monday, Dec 7, 2009 10:30AM

Written by Biz Jones

New York rapper Busta Rhymes will be forced to pay $75,000 in an assault case after he missed his court date this month and the judge ruled in the plaintiff's favor.

According to reports, Rhymes has missed nearly ten hearings in the case.

The East Flatbush-born Rhymes sent his lawyer to argue the judgment on grounds that the rap star wasn't properly notified of the case, causing him to miss seven hearings. That led a hearing officer to make the cash award. But Supreme Court Justice Donald Kurtz didn't agree with Rhymes' lawyer, Anthony Xanthakis. "It looks like we busted up Busta's rhyme," cracked lawyer Ron Hart, who represented the injured fan, Alex Duncan, a 32-year-old Albany resident. (New York Post)

The New York judge made his decision final in Duncan's favor.

A Brooklyn judge has ordered Busta Rhymes to pay $75,000 to a man who said the rapper assaulted him at a 2003 concert in Albany. Alex Duncan, 32, said that when he got up to leave the show, he and Busta Rhymes exchanged words, and the rapper splashed him with a bottle of water and threw two other bottles at him. Busta Rhymes did not show up for any of his hearings, including the one last week. His lawyer argued that he wasn't properly notified of the court dates, but did not challenge Mr. Duncan's allegations. (New York Times)

For Duncan, the incident has reportedly had an impact on his social life as well.

The former school groundskeeper said that the incident has hindered his ability to have a normal social life because of the constant inquiries from friends and associates. "It's all right," Duncan, said about the $75K he is set to receive. "I wanted something to come out of it. I don't even go to parties anymore, because there's always someone asking, 'What happened to that Busta Rhymes case?' (The Boom Box)

According to initial reports, there was an original request for half a million dollars.

Duncan's lawyer, Ronald Hart, had requested $500,000 of the hearing officer, Luigi Marano. Rhymes' lawyer, Robert Kalina, was a no-show for both the trial and yesterday's damages hearing. He did not return a call seeking comment. (Six Shot)

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