News: Busta Rhymes Hints At Big Announcement, "The New Flipmode Is In The Studio Right Now!"

Thursday, Dec 24, 2009 11:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

New York rapper Busta Rhymes has publicly hinted at his intent to introduce a new Flipmode Squad beginning next year.

While details are still forming, Busta broke the news via his Twitter.

"THE NEW FLIPMODE IS IN THE STUDIO RIGHT NOW!!!!!, "he wrote Wednesday (December 23) night. "STAY TUNED!!!!!D*MN WHEN I TELL U THE NEW DECADE 2010 IS GONNA B FRIGHTENING, MARK MY WORD!!" (Busta Rhymes' Twitter)

Rah Digga spoke on parting ways with Busta's Flipmode camp earlier this year.

"No, I'm no longer with Flipmode," Rah explained in an interview. "It was an amicable split though. There's no beef, none whatsoever...[Today] I can't try to conform to what the [music] industry thinks I should be doing or records I think should be a single, I should try to run after Akon or T-Pain on the hook, I'm just going to do what I love to do." (Street Heat)

Her association with Busta stemmed from rap icon Q-Tip.

When A Tribe Called Quest's Q-Tip discovered her at a performance at New York's Lyricist Lounge, he introduced her to Busta Rhymes, who invited her to join the Flipmode Squad. As a part of that hip-hop clique, she appeared on Rhymes' 1997 album When Disaster Strikes and the Flipmode Squad's The Imperial Album from 1998. (All Music)

Aside from Flipmode, Busta is currently prepping his upcoming Chemo album.

"I called the album The Chemo because it seems like the industry and music overall is dying slowly," Busta explained in an interview. "The cancer that's stricken the business is killing the music, not only from a business standpoint, but also the value of the content and the creativity behind it. I just want to start the first stage of chemotherapy treatment that needs to take place and hopefully inspire others to do their part and contribute to different stages of the cure." Still, Busta recognizes those artists who are taking a stand against the "dying industry" by putting out "great music," stating, "Jay-Z put out an incredible album this year and Lil Wayne put out an incredible album last year." (Billboard)

Check out a recent Busta Rhymes interview below:

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