News: UPDATE: NBA Announcer Addresses Showdown W/ 50 Cent's Entourage, "It's Not Funny"

Sunday, Nov 22, 2009 7:30AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

NBA announcer Marv Albert has addressed recent reports which claimed he was involved in an altercation with 50 Cent's entourage prior to a taping of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last week.

Despite quotes and accounts of a physical incident, Albert revealed his response to the reports.

Albert said he was not even close to the exchange, which he believed was caused when a member of 50 Cent's party was prevented by show security from using a phone in the room that was supposed to belong to Albert. "I couldn't even tell you what the guy looked like or the security guard looked like," Albert said. Albert said he even read one account that he was punched by 50 Cent, who was the show's musical guest, but insisted they never crossed paths. "They embellish. It keeps getting embellished more than anything else," Albert said. "What do you say, it's just wrong." Albert said he was told the whole altercation lasted only a few seconds, but it's created a few frustrating days. "I'm sure this will be funny to me in a couple of days," he said. "It's not funny to me now, obviously." (Associated Press)

The incident was said to have taken place during a pre-taping of "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Longtime broadcaster Marv Albert, 68, reported was involved in a scuffle with bodyguards for rapper 50 Cent during an appearance Thursday night on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live." No one was injured, and Albert, who apparently was unknown to 50 Cent's entourage, made it back to the waiting room. (Times Union)

Additional details of the confrontation also landed online late last week.

As Albert arrived, with an entourage of one, TNT public relations specialist Jeff Pomeroy, there was a sudden scuffle when a multitude of 50 Cent protectors seemed unfamiliar with Albert. There was shouting ("It's Marv Albert," yelled a Kimmel show guard, a pronouncement that seemed to have no effect on the 50 Cent phalanx.) There were obscenities. A fist or two flying. A "Don't you put your hands on me" pronouncement. And finally Albert made it to his waiting room, relatively unruffled but slightly puzzled. "Did you see that?" Albert said. "I thought they were kidding, but then I realized they weren't." (Los Angeles Times)

The event initially struck a cord with numerous sports and music bloggers.

"This is just so weird," Beat Crave blogger Kara wrote. "Why would anyone attack a middle-aged white guy at the Jimmy Kimmel show? It's not like he's going to gun down 50 or anything. 50 Cent is a thug, and he hangs out with thugs. I'm a little surprised that the security at Jimmy Kimmel wasn't a little tighter. It's bad for business when your guests are beating up on each other." (Beat Crave)

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