News: UPDATE: Mike Tyson Rep On LAX Arrest: "He Acted In Self-Defense As A Father"

Thursday, Nov 12, 2009 5:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

A Mike Tyson representative has spoken on the boxer's arrest last night (November 11) at Los Angeles International Airport and said his attack on a photographer was solely for self-defense.

Tyson's rep said he was protecting the safety of his wife and child.

"Mr. Tyson was traveling with his wife and 10 month-old child without security when he was attacked by an overly aggressive paparazzi [sic]. The truth will reveal Mike acted in self-defense as a father protecting his child. We are confident justice will prevail," says Tyson's rep, Tammy Brook. (E! Online)

Details on the victim's injuries have also landed online.

Photographer Tony Echevarria, 50, said in video interview posted on that he "wasn't aggressive, I was shooting from a distance, and I was respectful." He indicated that his videotape should back up his story. Echevarria says he received five stitches and that Tyson, 43, hit him at least four times. "When you're getting hit by Mike Tyson, it's the worst thing in the world you can imagine," he said. (People Magazine)

The retired boxer was taken in by police yesterday evening.

We're told Tyson was at a ticket counter at the United Airlines terminal when the incident occurred. The photographer got punched in the face, hit the ground, got up and began walking, leaving a trail of blood. An LAPD spokesperson said the photographer suffered a minor laceration to the forehead. Someone at the scene tells TMZ ... the photographer got very close to Tyson before the boxer struck him. Our guy on the scene says there's blood on the ground and Mike was taken away in a squad car. We're told an ambulance was dispatched at 4:39 PM to LAX -- we're told the paparazzo was transported to a local hospital. UPDATE: Tyson's rep says he was traveling with his 10-month old daughter when he was attacked by an overly aggressive paparazzi -- adding the boxer acted in self-defense to protect his child. (TMZ)

Shortly after published reports circulated online, police confirmed the incident.

The photographer, who was not immediately identified, also was arrested. He suffered a cut to his forehead and was taken to a hospital. It was not known if Tyson was hurt. "There's a lot of different versions to the story," Los Angeles Airport Police Sergeant Jim Holcomb said. "That's all going to come out later. But in this particular case, both individuals are going to be pressing charges for battery." (Reuters)

No further details have been released as of now.

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