News: UPDATE: B.G. Discusses Felony Weapon Arrest, "I Don't Know How The Guns Got In The Vehicle"

Wednesday, Nov 11, 2009 10:30AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Hot Boys' member B.G. has broken his silence on his recent arrest in New Orleans on gun charges and said he had no knowledge that three weapons were in the vehicle he was riding in.

According to B.G., a bail was posted shortly after being arrested on November 3rd.

"The bond, [the court] wanted to set it at a 100,000 [dollars] because of my record," B.G. explained in an interview. "But the bond end up being like 50,000...[And] so I got my other little partna [Demounde] out of jail, and he gonna sign the affidavit saying that none of [us] had no knowledge that the guns was in the car so my man [Jerod's] parole officer can come sign him out..."As of right now...I don't know how the guns got in the vehicle. For all I know the police coulda put 'em in the vehicle. But when I got in the vehicle, the guns wasn't in there." (Hip Hop DX)

He was reportedly randomly stopped during a routine traffic stop by police last week.

Police arrested B.G. Tuesday night following a traffic stop in which officers recovered three guns, two of which were reported stolen, according to the New Orleans Police Department. Dorsey, 29, was booked with illegal carrying of weapons. He appeared in magistrate court Thursday morning, but the status of his incarceration, such as bond information, was not listed Thursday night in electronic court records maintained by the Criminal Sheriff's Office. (NOLA News)

A total of three individuals were arrested that night.

Police said Dorsey was arrested along with the two others in the vehicle, 17-year-old Demounde Pollard and 28 year-old Jerod Fedison. According to court records, Fedison and Dorsey were each booked with illegal carrying of a firearm. Pollard was booked on multiple drug charges and two counts of illegal possession of stolen firearms, and a count of illegal carrying of a weapon. It wasn't immediately clear if suspects have attorneys. (WXVT News)

The rapper is currently set to release a new album next month.

B.G.'s Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood includes production from Scott Storch, KLC, Cool & Dre, Oddz n' Endz, Justice League, Salvage and more. Special guest features include Lil Wayne, T.I., Juvenile, Trey Songz, Yo Gotti, Young Jeezy, Lil Boosie and many more! Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood, is slated for release by E1 Music/Chopper City Records/Atlantic Records on December 8th. (Press Release)

Check out B.G. discussing the Hot Boys reunion below:

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