News: UPDATE: Beanie Sigel Drops More Jay-Z Diss Songs, "Peep How I Backed Down Jigga" [Audio]

Sunday, Nov 22, 2009 8:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Less than 24 hours after releasing "Kill Jiggaman," Beanie Sigel has upped the ante by dropping "Think Big" which continues his taunts toward Jay-Z.

On the 2-minute track, Beans also takes a slight jab toward his former labelmate, Memphis Bleek.

"This is something, big/B. Sig, throwin' n*ggas off of cliffs, smokin' spliffs, choke a b*tch...I bring the heat that the game missing/The leak on that mint leaf got my brain twitching/Tell [Memphis] Bleek stop b*tchin', stop pissin'/I bare long arms like Scott Pippen/Stop sh*t short like Cal Ripken/This is not just sport I post pivot/Peep how I backed down Jigga, put my nuts on that n*gga neck/Shoot up the Roc never hit the net/And I'm good from deep -- you don't wanna see the barrel on that 41 turnin'/And I'm good like Reg Miller, slash killer, slash iller, slash ain't nothing iller, slash f*ck this sh*t." ("Think Big")

Prior to the new record landing online, Beans dropped "How I Can Kill Jigga Man."

"The takeover, n*gga, the break's over," Beans raps. "Fraud emcee, he, Jay Hova/Hey little soldier you ain't ready for the rude boy/quick to pull the tool boy/back out to you boy...Yeah I send something to you boy, let these hollows run through you boy/I'll ruin boy, make your body leak fluid boy...Can't trust you like a pope and a school boy/Think you're cool boy, 'cause you're running with the tool boy/You ain't nothing but a mule boy/You ain't a goon boy/You just a flip flop, white pants, greasy head funny looking school boy/Let's get to it boy/You don't really wanna do it boy...Yeah, what up boy? You don't got no words for me boy? You don't say nothing boy? D*mn, I thought you was the boy, boy? You ain't nothing but a boy boy, boy. Holla at your boy. I ain't gonna stop, boy! I'm not gonna stop." ("How I Can Kill Jigga Man")

Sigel also took a shot at Hov while performing an in-studio freestyle last week.

"You in the hall already, on the wall already," Sigel raps. "You's a work of art, man this boy all petty/Type to not feed no workers, 'cause he grubbed already/Noodle, I had the sauce/We coulda made spaghetti, but I'ma shine on my own/I'm a star already/Lost the Best Of Both Worlds, he coulda called R. Kelly." (This Is 50)

He will also reportedly address Jay on his next solo album.

Jay has been feuding with Sigel since earlier this year, when Sigel claimed that his 2007 album, "Solution," flopped because it didn't receive proper promotion from Roc-A-Fella Records -- the label owned by Jay-Z. The beef isn't over yet. Sources at a party for Ford Motors' Taurus Top Ten in Philly on Wednesday night claim that Sigel is gearing up for an even bigger battle. "[Our problems] are going to be addressed in my next album," he said to friends while playing a game of pool. (New York Daily News)

Check out Beanie Sigel's "Think Big" diss record below:

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