News: Triple C's "Custom Cars & Cycles" Outsells 50 Cent's 10K Predictions

Wednesday, Nov 4, 2009 10:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rick Ross and Triple C's new album, Custom Cars & Cycles were able to just barely outsell 50 Cent's first-week sales projections after selling 12,100 units over the past seven days.

The four-member rap group also landed on the charts with their Def Jam debut.

Rick Ross & Triple C's new album, Custom Cars & Cycles landed onto the charts this week at No. 44. With seven days under their names, the group consisting of Ross, Gunplay, Young Breed and Torch were able to sell 12,000 records after a week in stores. UPDATED: Custom Cars & Cycles has sold 12,100 albums according to Nielsen Soundscan. (Sales Wrap)

50 had previously predicted the album to move around 10,000 units.

"Threw the death blow to Rick, boom, six months later, Triple C's CD come Tuesday, you gonna find what those numbers are and you're gonna fall out," Fif promised in an interview. "You're gonna identify with the death blow. They can break ten [thousand copies] if they buy some. They can buy some. I don't know [all their names]. We know the police officer. We know the one that got knocked out. We know the kid from the Bronx. He's the tough one, right? The other guy, he wasn't sure if he wanted dreads or he wanted a flat top...People are developing this thing with me where they feel like I'm the bad guy, like I have bad intentions. It's not actually true, actually, I'd like to speak with the kids and tell them, 'Please, do not be this. Do not be like this.' [laughs] You understand?" (My Place)

Posted on last month, 50 used an image of the rappers' new album with the Jodeci label to poke fun at the rappers.

"Best Of...Jodeci Let me hear your say Yeahhhhhhyeeeeah," the banner reads. "With classics Hits like 'Forever my Burgers, Gunplay ill Cry for you and Can I Handcuff You this is a Must Buy." (This Is 50)

Ross recently spoke with SOHH about working with Game and Mack 10 on the group project.

"You know, I'm fans of the West Coast music, you know, that's who created that gangsta sh*t," Ross explained. "And that was the formula I always followed. If I wanna learn to play basketball, I wanna learn from Michael Jordan. If I wanna play football, you know, be a quarterback, I wanna [learn from] Dan Marino. And when it comes to that gangster sh*t, the West Coast bred us on that. Not only that, it's a huge market. And I would love to tap in to [it] and that's where you get a Game, then I brought out a legend such as Mack 10. I felt all the young street n*ggas wanted to hear him and then I brought out Warren G. You know, these are moves I feel a boss is supposed to make." (SOHH)

Check out Rick Ross & Triple C's SOHH interview below:

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