News: Three 6 Mafia's Juicy J Looks Beyond Rap, "A 100 Checks Are Better Than 1 Check"

Wednesday, Nov 25, 2009 2:10PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Three 6 Mafia's Juicy J has weighed in on the recent trend of artists stepping outside of the hip-hop boundaries and trying their hand at other forms of music.

From J's perspective, it is vital for rappers to stay relevant and extend their reach to a larger audience.

"Yeah, man, I feel you've got to keep your head in everything," J explained in an interview. "You've got to do a little bit of this and a little bit of that. A hundred checks are better than one check. If you look in the mailbox and you have five or six checks in there, that looks delicious! If you look in there and you've only got one, that's cool, but I'm [also] trying to get money from everywhere across the board -- the movie money, the independent game, etc. We're trying to get it all! You've got to keep your ear to the street! Three 6 Mafia can do all different kinds of music and make it sound good. That's all that matters! We can accomplish anything we put our minds to." (Artist Direct)

Jay-Z recently described his willingness to sacrifice having a 12th number one album in order to make an experimental project.

"I've always said I believe in good music and bad music...I like music. The second Blueprint, the reason it was all over the place is because I like music so much. You have tracks with Lenny Kravitz then Sean Paul. Dr. Dre. It's all over the place because of my taste in music. I like music. My next album, which I'm working on now -- that's exclusive, no one knows that -- is gonna be the album that really -- it's not gonna be a number one album. That's where I'm at right now. I wanna make the most experimental album I ever made. But let's not deal with that now; I want to deal with The Blueprint 3." (MTV)

Cash Money Records' Baby also touched on Lil Wayne's ability to become successful in other genres of music.

"We still feel like we got a long way to go man," Baby said in an interview. "His music and his heights are unlimited. We do pop, rock, rap, everything, so when you catering to our nationalities, our songs, it's not gonna be just one urban record. You gotta do pop records, cross over records...They think [Rebirth] is rock, but it got a little heavy metal to it. He still Wayne, he still doing his thing on that motherf*cker...And the music he's about to do, because he's coming with the rock album and Tha Carter IV as a double disc." (New Lil Wayne)

Lupe Fiasco said he, too, was ready to try his hand at a new sound since he has already established a loyal fanbase.

"I feel like, 'cause of my first two albums, that now I have the foundation to just branch off and just do not really crazy [music] or whatever I want, but just make music outside of who I normally make music for," Lupe said referring to his upcoming album last summer. "I feel like I have my true fans, my hardcore fans down, locked down, and now I can kinda experiment with other types of music and it's really good. It's my favorite album thus far." (Coke Live Music Festival)

Check out Baby speaking on Cash Money's diverse music-making ability.

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