News: Taylor Swift Gives Kanye West Soft Verbal Jab On "SNL", "I Got Security Lining The Stage" [Video]

Sunday, Nov 8, 2009 8:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Country singer Taylor Swift surprised fans during last night's "Saturday Night Live" airing as the host limited her Kanye West-based spoofs to only the opening segment.

The singer kicked-off the anticipated broadcast by singing a show-opening song.

In her opening "Monologue Song (La, La, La)," SNL host Taylor Swift sang, "You might think I might say/something bad about Kanye/and how he ran up on the stage and ruined my VMA monologue/but there's nothing more to say/because everything's okay/I've got security lining the stage." Having finished the song, she announced, "We have a great show. Kanye West is not here." (Entertainment Weekly)

She also portrayed a variety of other celebrities which are making current headlines.

The singer appeared in a segment sending up "The View"-she played guest host Kate Gosselin, complete with the reality mom's famously asymmetrical hairdo. "My hairdresser was halfway through giving me 'The Rachel' when his blowdryer exploded on the back of my head," Swift as Gosselin said, explaining the genesis of her hairstyle. Also during the skit, Andy Samberg came on and did a great impersonation of Nicolas Cage, nailing his spacey voice and odd vocal inflections. (Wall Street Journal)

Leading up to yesterday's show, Swift was featured in an "SNL" promotional trailer spoofing her Yeezy interruption at MTV's Video Music Awards 2009 event.

In an "SNL" video promo shoot posted on, the 19 year-old star and "SNL" cast member Bill Haderquip about the headline-making shocker when Kanye interrupted Taylor's acceptance speech and declared that he thought Beyonce should've won. "Hey, I'm Taylor Swift, and I'll be the host and musical guest this week on 'SNL,'" the promo begins. Bill then says: "Whoops, Kanye West just called. He thinks Beyonce should host instead." Taylor acts visibly annoyed and whispers, "Wow," before the two laugh together and the sketch concludes. (Entertainment Tonight)

Swift previously revealed her intent to provide a no-holds barred acceptance to the "SNL" writers' ideas.

"I told all the ['SNL'] writers, 'Don't count anything out,'" she said in an interview. "I want to go completely, 100 percent in. I don't want to be halfway involved. Just because I have a lot of things to do as far as being musical guest and host doesn't mean I don't want to live up to my full hosting demands." (MTV)

Check out Taylor Swift's opening "SNL" song below:

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