News: State Property's Freeway Reveals His Perfect Woman, "I Don't Like When A Chick Is Too Annoying"

Monday, Nov 16, 2009 5:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

State Property's Freeway recently opened up about his personal romantic lifestyle and what characteristics make-up the "perfect" woman for him.

Freeweezy also talked about his upcoming Stimulus Package album bringing a return to authentic rap.

"I just don't like when a chick is too annoying," Free described about potential girlfriends. "Too many questions, too annoying...I can't deal with that. My perfect woman, she gotta be beautiful and understanding. She gotta be a rider, no matter what. No matter what I need her to do, she gotta be able to handle it...The Stimulus Package is basically what I grew up off of. The hip-hop that I'm used to. Who's to say what's real hip-hop and what's not real hip-hop? People that are making music now, they're making it from the heart, and I'm making my music from my heart, and that's my version of real hip-hop. And I definitely think people are gonna love it." (Complex)
The Philadelphia-based emcee is known for stressing "real" hip-hop.

Freeway has been tagged to help kick-off 2009's "The Rebirth of Hip-Hop" concert series to bring awareness to humanitarian issues. Hosted by radio personality DJ Envy, the events will help heighten awareness of HIV/AIDS, homelessness and poverty, in association with Habitat for Humanity and Life Beat Aids Awareness Organization. Participants will also be eligible to compete for a variety of grand prizes. (Press Release)

The Stimulus Plan will follow-up the rapper's 2007 release, Free At Last.

An album with the four-member Ice City, Welcome to the Hood, had a low-profile 2004 release. Three years later, Roc-A-Fella finally issued Free's second album, Free at Last. While Just Blaze dominated the production work on Philadelphia Freeway, a cast including Cool & Dre, Don Cannon, Dame Grease and J.R. Rotem shared the load this time out. (All Music)

As he prepares the new album, Free is currently putting together an Eminem-themed mixtape called Freelapse.

"I'm dropping the Freelapse it's a tribute to Eminem using all of his beats," Free explained in an interview. "What happened was Em did a freestyle and he was like 'I disappeared I was hiding in Freeways beard,' so I sampled that, made it a hook, and used it for a song. After that, I came up with the idea. Eminem is a talented emcee, he's got a lot of hot beats, and another artist would probably be scared to rap to his beats because he's murdered every beat. So I felt that it was a challenge for me to try to live up to the expectation." (All Hip Hop)

No further details have been released for Freeway's new album.

Check out a recent Freeway interview below:

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