News: Snoop Dogg Denies Lil Wayne Diss, "I Don't Call N*ggas' Names Out" [Video]

Wednesday, Nov 18, 2009 12:45PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Snoop Dogg recently denied taking subliminal shots at Lil Wayne in his new track "Protocol" and said he has no problems directly addressing conflicts with fellow artists.

From Snoop's perspective, rappers will be name dropped if he is trying to diss them on songs.

"A song about who?," Snoop questioned radio personality Angela Yee. "I don't call n*ggas' names out, you know me babygirl, I'm Snoop Dogg. You ever heard a song I got called 'Pimp Slap' where I went after Suge Knight? If I got any issues, I go after a n*gga's motherf*cking head. I'm not finna shoot at your shoes or shoot at the spot where your baby mama at, I'm finna take your motherf*cking neck off. I don't have problems with no rappers, that was me speaking in general, so if a n*gga feel offended, or feel froggish, leap motherf*cker. Now that's where I'm at with it, so, I never make diss songs, I make hit songs. I'm Snoop Dogg, I've been in it too long. I'm Uncle Snoop." (Shade 45 Lip Service)

Speculation initially grew when Snoop's "Protocol" record was thought to be taking shots at Wayne and Baby.

"Gangsta don't kiss, we get old and die rich," Snoop raps. "I smoke 'til I'm sleep, crush these n*ggas with my fist/Your daddy was a cowards, you's a son of a b*tch/So back to the block with the infra-blue chip/We hit licks and gang bang, you on some T-Pain sh*t." ("Protocol")

Snoop recently touched on his ever-ready rap slaying ability.

"I'm feeling good about life. I'm celebrating, happy about my wife, my kids, life in general. It's just a roller coaster of what I'm going through as I speak. I've always juggled the line, 'Should I make a gangster record? 'Cause I could kill all you rappers if I wanted to,' [and] then I have to sit back and say, 'I'm a business, so I'm gonna make records that can help me in this business.' I have to make radio records, but when I don't care, y'all in trouble." (MTV)

The rapper is currently promoting his new album, Malice In Wonderland.

Malice In Wonderland: Intro, I Wanna Rock (produced by Scoop DeVille), 2 Minute Warning (produced by Terrace Martin), 1800 featuring Lil Jon (produced by Lil Jon), Different Languages featuring Jazmine Sullivan (produced by Teddy Riley and Scoop DeVille), Gangsta Luv featuring The-Dream (produced by The-Dream and Tricky), Pronto featuring Soulja Boy (produced by B-Don), That's Tha Homie (produced by Danja), Upside Down featuring Problem and Nipsey Hussle (produced by Terrace Martin), Secrets featuring Kokane (produced by Battlecat), Pimpin Ain't EZ featuring R. Kelly (produced by Nottz), Luv Drunk featuring The-Dream (produced by The-Dream and Tricky), Special featuring Brandy and Pharrell (produced by Neptunes), Outro. (Rap-Up)

Snoop Dogg's Malice In Wonderland drops Tuesday, December 8th.

Check out Snoop Dogg denying a Lil Wayne diss record below:

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