News: Slaughterhouse Director On "Microphone" Music Vid, "We Were Bouncing Ideas Around About For Weeks" [Video]

Tuesday, Nov 24, 2009 12:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Music video director John Colombo has shared the inspiration behind Slaughterhouse's new "Microphone" video.

Colombo touched on the importance of including a variety of microphones.

"The idea for 'Microphone' came about as a tribute to microphones," Colombo revealed in an interview. "I found a guy who owns a recording studio called The Salt Mine, and they have a collection of over 250 classic microphones. After that, we decided to create this room with a microphone maker who would build these four master microphones. That was the underlying concept. Then a friend of mine brought out the idea of having them in the booth. The thought was, 'Since we're dealing with microphones, let's play on this booth concept too.' We were bouncing ideas around about for weeks about being in all these crazy locations, and the concept fully evolved about three days before the shoot was scheduled. That was about the time that we decided to go with the four core locations you see in the final video -- the studio, the bank, the dining scene and the desert. We wanted to connect those locations to four vignettes that were going on in the background. Everybody loved it, and I know I'm not the only person who wrote a treatment to the video." (Hip Hop DX)

Tony Yayo recently co-signed the music video's title track during last month's This Is 50 Festival in New York.

Tony Yayo seemed to be enthusiastic about all the crew love that went down on Governor's Island, where G-Unit, the Diplomats and the LOX all connected. "I know your eyes is buggin' on, like, what's going on -- Slaughterhouse, the Unit, D-Block out here, Dipset," the Talk of New York boasted. "My man Young Money Trav -- we got Jersey here, L.A., we got a lot of 'hoods. Detroit. "Talk about that new album, man," Yayo continued, looking in Joe Budden's direction. " 'Cause I picked up that [Slaughterhouse] album. I told [the rest of the group] you should do that 'Microphone' joint [onstage]." (MTV)

Joe Budden talked about the idea of his squad joining forces with Eminem's Shady Records last month.

"I don't know what you mean 'speak on it,' [laughs] I hope it happens!," Budden playfull told radio personality Jessie Maguire in an interview. "I would be happy, happy as could be. [laughs] No man, the rumors have been going around and it seems to be the number one question as far as Slaughterhouse goes, like I said, I'm hopeful that it will happen. I would like for it to happen, uhm, but is it a definite? Is it confirmed? Is it 100 percent in stone? No, not at all. I mean, until that happens, I been in this industry a long time, and I'm sure aspiring artists can attain to this also, a lot of people make promises and a lot of people sell you dreams and often at times, things look extremely hopeful and they turn out to be the exact opposite. So I've learned to prepare for the worst and expect the best. But I certainly hope it takes place. I hope it goes down, I think a move like that would be a monument for hip-hop and not only that, there seems to be a lot of artists getting with that whole unity thing, instead of destroying one another." (Jessie Maguire)

While opting out of saying if a deal was on the table, Joell Ortiz did, however, recently explain the perception of a Slaughterhouse-Shady Records venture.

"Man, that would be a blessing," Joell said about bringing his team to Shady Records. "It would be a blessing [to have] a deal with someone of that caliber, someone who gets it. Eminem is a hip-hopper, hardcore. He would be one of the few guys that would 'get' [and understand] Slaughterhouse. It would be [fitting.]" ("Mr. Peter Parker")

Check out Slaughterhouse's "Microphone" music video below:

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