News: Rihanna, Kanye West & Jamie Foxx Request Soulja Boy Tell Em, "My Portfolio Is Only Getting Longer"

Friday, Nov 13, 2009 11:15AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Teen rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em has revealed that  Kanye West, Rihanna and Jamie Foxx have requested his production for their new records.

Soulja Boy also explained his studio process working alongside Yeezy.

"Him showing me a lot of stuff I didn't know [and] me showing him a lot of stuff he didn't know," Soulja Boy described about their in-studio relationship. "He had an ear for my sound. Of course I had an ear for all the stuff he did. Genius! ... It was three different samples that we was working on. On one of them, he was like, 'I want this to go here, I want you to do this.' I like when an artist pushes me how he was pushing me. He doesn't go easy on me...I was in the studio with [Foxx] a couple of days ago working on a new beat for him. All the artists that reached out to me for beats -- like Rihanna -- my portfolio is only getting longer and longer. With this particular [RiRi] project [it was] like, 'Whoa!' because [her rep was] like, 'Yo, I need you to do something for Rihanna's album. You got 11 hours. Go!' It was like, 'What? I'm all out of pocket.' How do you make something that's gonna be a number one hit so fast? But it's been done before because I made 'Crank That' in 30 minutes." (MTV)

The rapper also revealed new records with Drake last month.

"Of course the work relationship is gonna be mutual," Soulja Boy said about Ye. "My work ethic is crazy and of course his work ethic is crazy. Kanye ain't even in the country right now and he still trying to work. Like I got some sh*t coming with him, me and Drake that's gonna be stuuupid. Some sh*t with me and Drake leaked earlier this week but we just planning on taking the music sh*t to the next level." (XXL Mag)

He previously discussed his aim to recruit high profile artists like Eminem and Jay-Z for The DeAndre Way.

"Maybe after I put [Lil] Wayne on this album and we make something historical, me and Kanye work together and make something historical, and me and Drake spit something hot as h*ll together, I think that's what's going to determine the future -- I think I have a better chance of getting Eminem on my album than Jay-Z. I don't know nothin' about Jay-Z, but I'm affiliated with Eminem 'cause we on the same label and I know a lot of people that know him." (Rap-Up)

Speaking with radio personality Miss Info last June, the rapper detailed his aim to gather rap stars for his new solo project.

"I done worked with everybody that I wanna work with so far," Soulja Boy said in an interview. "But going into my third album, I already got Lil Wayne on deck. I just hollered at Kanye when I was in Cali. Working with Snoop Dogg. Me and Kanye, it's just an honor to work with him. He done been in the game so many years even for him to be under Jay-Z. And if I get a chance to work with Jay-Z and Kanye that'd be crazy, way out on another level." (Miss Info)

No details on when The DeAndre Way will drop have been released as of now.

Check out Soulja Boy Tell Em on "The View" below:

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